What is Life?



  Life is a duration between birth and death,

  Life is not perpetual but diminished like smoke,

  Life is a mystery that diminished the pundit,

  Days of men are like an evening shadow that stretches out and decline with the sun.

  Life broadened and become more complicated the more you deep in it,

  Life turn a wise man to a fool even in his craftiness.


  Life full of Up’s and Down’s,

  Life build and destroy,

  Life guide and trail,

  Life harbour rich and poor,

  Life possess day and night,

  Life a jekyll and hyde,


  But, It’s a mystery unforetold when God created Day and Night and call it Day,

  It’s a mystery unforetold when he created good and bad and called it good,

  It’s a mystery unforetold when he created Heaven and Earth and called it Heaven,

  It’s a mystery unforetold when he created Life and Death and called it Life.


  But, In Conclusion, Life is not an illusion, albiet, it was just in session.


  Written by:- Ilufoye Noah Adekunle

  Nom de plume:- Suigeneris Guy

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