Blood Calleth

Photo by Mathilda Khoo on Unsplash

A stench fills the land
Of the green white and green
The lush Greenland has taken on an ashen black
And streaks of red mar the white
Blood calleth

A generation traumatized
Not by war or genocide
But by oppression in their fatherland
Seething rage awaiting release
In a land of repressed voices and angst
Blood calleth

The cries of the hidden dead
The shallow graves and forest mounds
The silent grief of the bereaved and aggrieved
Mourning their young and caring for the maimed
Blood calleth

The silence is broken
The screams loud and guttural
The uneasy dead rest no more
They clamor for justice, for vengeance, for closure, and for reprieve
Blood calleth

The dam is breached
As a sea of blood flows
Polluting land, air, and sea
Demanding a deserved justice
From a land long silent
Blood calleth

The stench has reached on high
And the very heavens tremble
As the murdered, slain, victimized, traumatized
Disdained, maligned, wrongfully imprisoned, and missing
Cry with one voice for justice and freedom
Blood calleth

Blood calleth
Just as the blood of Abel called out
And was not silenced
So do the blood of the murdered and slain cry out
Just as the Judge of the Universe demanded an accounting from Cain
So, does He demand an accounting for the blood
That calls upon Him from the land of the green, white and green

Blood Calleth! Blood Calleth! Blood Calleth

© Imabong Faminu, 2020




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  1. Great piece Imabong, I enjoyed every bit of it.

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