As the day wears off
And brightness dims
The afternoon slowly fades
And the sun journeys on
To provide light to other realms

Dusk settles and night approaches
The night musicians cue in
Tuning their evening song
Crickets and frogs, fireflies and toads
Prepare their songs to accompany the night

The clouds clear a path
As the moon reveals itself
At first, a white arc or semi-circle
Obscured by cloud cover
Then a blazing fiery white ball

Quitely, night creeps in
The moon at first blending in with the coming night
Then breaking forth from the parting clouds
As if melting them away
To make way for a cloudless sky
Where a lone star shines bright

The day’s hustle and bustle wanes
Humanity makes its way home
Hopeful for peace and a restful night
Before the day breaks
And the rat race begins again

The trees are still
No rustle of leaves
No swaying of branches
The birds leave their tree perches
Seeking their nest for coming night rest

Humanity winds down and few voices are heard
Mothers calling their children
Fathers returning from work
Meal preparations and dinner table conversations
Till all at rest and asleep
Bid the dusk goodbye and welcome the night

© Faminu Imabong, 2021



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