Mama Africa

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  • Mama Africa
  • A strong woman faces the sun. With the wind in her hair and a spring in her step.
  • She does not look back at the naysayer’s, doubters, haters and confusionists. Her eyes are forward looking to the future and moving ahead. 
  • She needs no reminder of her faults, past mistakes, failures and painful remembrances. This is why she turns her back and faces the wind of change, of faith, of hope, of future, of fullness and second even third and forth chances.
  • As long as she breathes, she will rise up, try again, rise, fall, get up and move on. No force of nature holds her down
  • Mama Africa. Daughter of the Nubian race. Dark and comely. Beautiful and strong. Keep forging on. Keep the lights on for the children coming after you and following in your steps. Like the watchtower beaming lights for the coming ships 
  • We cannot misstep when you go before and should we fall, you will reach back through our sisters and mothers and aunties and pull us up to stand aright
  • Mama Africa. Beautiful daughter of the Nubian race. You are hailed revered, loved and epitomised

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