The Future of Nigerian Politics: A Defense of the Corporate Guys and their Political Aspirations

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In the next couple of months, as it is our democratic tradition, the Nigeria state will become one big stage of incessant political noise and propaganda. Unlike tradition however, the 2019 general election promises to feature new songs alongside the old, tiring, unrefined political noise we are well too familiar with. Names are being mentioned in the political sphere which had, until recent, been seen only as young and vibrant corporate guys. And these “guys” have come with the intention of creating their own stalls in the political marketplace.

Truth be told, there is little to be proud about for the rising political aspirations of these individuals, partly because they lack the political will and strategic plans (and even positioning) to occupy relevant offices in order to effect change. They also seem to lack the capabilities to learn from the short history of “corporate guys” incursion into the political sphere. Take the 2015 presidential election for instance, a particular female professor of French was among the contestants but was hardly known by the millions of the voting population; she ended up with way less than fifty thousand votes! Her crime: she refused to become a politician while contesting for the highest political office in the country. It seems to me that these corporate guys are toeing the same part. This, among several other critiques may be the reason being a “corporate guy” with political aspirations is like being a yellow noise – something outside the realm of reality but fanciful in poetic thought.

On the bright side of their candidacy however is the occasional feeling of hope one gets when seeing these new faces. Fela Durotoye, one of the most popular of the corporate guys, and perhaps the ideal representation of the corporate guys outlook once remarked that the most important thing is to make sure that more vibrant, educated and well-informed youth are allowed to participate in governance without feeling like they are in the wrong crowd. If this, and not winning elective offices, is their goal for now, it is safe to say that the apparent non-winner spirit and personal political independence practices of Fela Durotoye, Sowore and the likes are accurately justifiable.

We should also, in the light of avoiding illusory “realities,” remember that as it took the first indigenous leaders several years and attempts to break free from colonial administrations, it also took the civilian government in Nigeria several failed attempts to totally break free from the jaws of military junta. We should extend the same optimism to the birth of the era of corporate guy politicking in Nigeria as, after these failing attempts, they will ultimately seize power from the dying age of myopic and mediocre leadership. Aptly put, this is the precursor to a new age of political leadership. One with strong ideological stands and contemporary skills needed to steer our beloved nation to the group of world thriving nations. The corporate guys of today, should thus be seen as legends in the making, igniting the first light to a new phase in the history of the political leadership of Nigeria.

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