7 Tips for Dealing with Depression in Nigeria.

7 Tips for Dealing with Depression in Nigeria.

There are so many reasons to be sad in Nigeria. From the economic recession, to the bribery and corruption, to the lack of electricity, unemployment, death tolls, bad roads, high level of poverty and even the hot weather!.

According to Statistics, one in every 3 Nigerians is suffering from one form of depression or another and has a high tendency of committing suicide.

In Nigeria, what doesn’t kill you only makes you wish you were dead. Nigeria is depressing, but you shouldn’t be Depressed.

Here are 7tips to help you handle “Nigerian” Depression.

1) Enjoy Cheap Thrills:

Because of the economy, it is unadvisable for anyone to spend more than 30% of their revenue on “Enjoyment”, but that doesn’t mean you should not still have fun!. You can choose to enjoy cheap thrills like taking a stroll, mountain climbing, testing new recipes or just watching a movie on your phone.

2)Hang Out with Friends:

Always hang out with your friends because that way you get to reduce your tendency to worry & agonize about problems.

3) Don’t Listen to the News, always:

Most times, the pieces of Information referred to as news in Nigeria are usually based on things that make us depressed as Nigerians. News relating to politics and irresponsible politicians, deaths tolls, bribery & corruption allegations, kidnapping, embezzlement e.t.c. For the sake of your sanity, it is unadvisable to always listen to this type of information on a daily basis. Rather, it would be best to be selective of the type of information you expose your mind to.

4) Be Humorous:

Nigeria is one of the saddest places on earth as we speak, but Nigerians are also some of the funniest people in the world. Humour has always been an effective tool for tackling sadness and Depression. Don’t always take things too seriously. Always find a reason to make a good joke and have a laugh.

5) Talk to a Confidant About your Emotions:

This person could be a close friend, mentor or family member. It’s always best to share your worries & troubles rather than keeping them bottled up. A problem shared is s problem half solved.

6) Engage with Funny Content:

Laughter is incredibly useful. It is scientifically proven that it normalizes blood pressure, improves concentration, reduces stress and helps fight depression. Engage in funny contents like cartoons, series, comedy skits, funny stories, jokes e.t.c. Although this option is considered a quick fix, it can be really effective if used at the most pressing moment.

7) Be Optimistic:

Lastly, always have faith that things will get better. Nigeria is currently in a bad state, but that doesn’t mean things won’t get better. Remember that there are places experiencing worse than what we are going through like Syria, Venezuela and Palestine. Be thankful. Be satisfied with what you have, but always strive for better situations.

Volunteer to help reduce the rate of Depression and suicide amongst youths in Nigeria.

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