That was the third time I felt something hit my leg, and even in my sleep I was counting that. I was too tired to open my eyes and weak to rebuke anyone that early morning. I moved my leg away to create a way for them to pass either to the kitchen or washroom. I could hear people whispering around me and as sleepy as I felt, I knew it was time to wake up early for a day with no plans. I said a prayer hoping God will ignore the annoyance I have that instance and keep me going throughout the day. I got up from the floor and took the cloth and the pillow that looked like a toasted loaf of bread. I could feel that ground with my head on it. I went to the bedroom that had just a bed and extra mattress for my grandma and cousins. I placed my pillow down and headed towards the washroom.

Lucy, My second aunt was still in bed feeling comfortable and Jane was resting soundly in the couch. I was jealous but it is what it is. I heard my grandma and cousins talking and I knew they were sitting outside. That’s their normal routine during this quarantine period. We all feel useless anyways. I didn’t bother with greeting like good morning and how was your night. We don’t do that inside my family. We are all messed up like that. I didn’t even finish with brushing my teeth when my grandma called out to me. I finished up and went there.

“Yes grandma?”

 She looked at me. “We are hungry. Get us something to eat. Go get my bag”

I just nodded and went back inside, took her bag and went out.

I just stood there and listened to their orders. After that, I just left to get their food. I knew I will have to go out again to get food for my aunties when they get up.

Breakfast got covered and I had to go out three times instead of two. I wanted to leave the house and visit a friend but I don’t have one. All my friends are about 5 hours’ drive away from me so I had no other choice but to stay in the house with them and try make conversations. Apart from the terrible movie they were watching and debating about, the day was not going neither good nor bad and that’s okay. I had an interesting book in my hand and a bottle of water in the other, everything was just perfect.


To be continued….

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