My skin was burning yet I refused again to enter the room. These mosquitoes were having a feast… just for today. As long as it keeps me in the room where shallow minded people are kept away, then outside I will be. Today was worse than ever. They were in the room talking as a family when that was very far from their mind. The hatred was there, everyone towards one another. Brother against sister and vice versa. As well as mother against all. The laughter from the room kept me amused yet the bitterness behind that certainly was not worth my smile.

My thoughts was interrupted. I turned to see my aunt, Jane, standing there with the door ajar. Accompanied by her award winning smile.

“Aren’t you coming in?” she asked. My first thought was not conducive an answer to give so I opted for the acceptable one.

“The room is hot and the wind is blowing just fine. It feels just right to sit outside.”

“But there are mosquitoes.”

“Oh, I’m alright. I want to be here. Don.t worry about me”

“Well if you are sure then I will see you inside later”. I heaved a relief when she made her way back inside. She popped out again and added “By the way, I’m sleeping here tonight”. I just smiled and nodded my head. She went back in and my mind just went back to its safe place.

I knew then that I had three options. I will (1) have to sleep on the couch (2) if my other aunty stays then the floor will be mine (3) and the last option will be to share the floor with my other aunty if she also decides to spend the night. But in all instances, I will have to share my pillow and cover cloth.

Well, it is what it is. These things don’t even surprise me anymore. The sound of the chair beside me being pulled brought my mind back. My first cousin Yaa, was sitting in the chair with her feet hanging in the air looking sad and pissed off. I normally do not bother myself with other people’s emotions since mine is just enough for me to stress myself with. After some few minutes, I got fed up and asked her what’s wrong.

The sound came first and the tears followed “My mom said she won’t sleep here this evening. And she won’t also take me along”.

Well, that concludes it, I will be sleeping on the floor tonight, alone. I did not know what she wanted me to do, I mean what can I do? I don’t normally know what to say to a crying kid. So I just went back to my thinking, drowning away the sound of her crying. As long as I’m not the cause of that why should I feel guilty? The person responsible is in there, pulling off the meat of a chicken thigh.

After everything, I normally ask myself if I am the jerk in this family. It feels like it and I don’t really care. I’m just a girl living with her grandma and three cousins as their mothers feel too young to have their kid stay with them. And my Dad just feels too old for his daughter to stay with him as I mess up his chances of getting a nice girl.

And I am allergic to nonsense………………………….



To be continued…

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