Remember to forget, never forget to remember

Remember to forget, never forget to remember


“Always remember to forget the things that made you sad, but never forget to remember the things that made you glad”

  • Victor Borge


Remember your happy days, forget the sad ones. Remember the lesson, forget about the mistake. I hate this quote a lot. I always argued that the things that made me happy, makes me sad. Sometimes, we remember the good memories and still end up sad because good memories are the worst. Sometimes, it is not only the bad memories that makes you sad, but also the good ones which you know won’t happen again. People say that bad memories cause the most pain, but it is the good ones that drive you insane

Hence, always do not forget to remember all the good and bad memories. As the thing that breaks you today, will make you stronger tomorrow and the ones that made you stronger yesterday can break you today. Life is just being himself that is unpredictable.

So I will not tell you to remember the good things and forget the bad ones. Just remember everything because it is the little memories whether good or bad that will last a lifetime.


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