My mother is afraid. I can see it in her eyes. The silent prayers she says when she thinks no one is watching? The pleading of Erujeje’s blood every second of the day, the loud cries to Eledumare begging him to have mercy on our nation, herself and family.  They are blatant pointers of fear. I do not blame her a bit. She has seen many plagues but nothing like this. I am not scared. My resolve is unshaken that this too will pass.

The virus arrived our nation on the eleventh day of the fourth moon. A god damned Nemiskan bypassed national security and brought the ill virus in. National security like it was truly in place! In Nimiyan, we consider ourselves to be a nation untouchable and for that reason, we have dumped  common sense and proceeded with belief systems and sentiments. We threw caution to the wind in this case. “Nimiyan is too protected to be moved” we said. Until the deadly virus swamped eighteen citizens in four days.

You see, my mother is a caregiver. One who misses important anniversaries and celebrations to tend to heart tearing wounds or assure old men that death would pass them by,again. It makes sense for her to be afraid. Some years ago, the assal plague befell our nation and hit our town badly. This was caused by infected rodents. My mother contracted the disease and had to be locked up in a dingy room for twenty eight days. We couldn’t feel nor touch her. We lacked our mother’s warmth in that period. A few days after mother was locked up, the patient whom she had treated died. My faith in the healing power of Eledumare was  greatly tested but it passed. Eledumare passed my test. My mother was healed. Just maybe the origin of my deep conviction this time is rooted in my trust in Eledumare.

I live in a town where every face is familiar and gossip spreads like the virus itself. It’s a town where you can easily get to know all her residents by constantly standing in traffic. I do not believe we have much to worry about if we take the necessary precautions. Ivada, the capital city, about 50 miles away, is where I am most afraid of. She receives a thousand foreigners each day. How would they deal with the viral mess? Since our nation has not dealt with a pandemic in a while, I do not trust we can handle the presence of this virus well enough but I suppose TDCC (the national body that handles diseases and illnesses) know what they are doing.

The president of our nation has not publicly addressed citizens concerning the virus. No message of hope or assurance. Maybe like me, he trusts in his god and believes we need not worry about any of this.




P.S : The title is COVID-19 spelled backwards.

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