Orphans: Humans with surviving skills

In my early days in school, I learnt, in one of my biology classes, that the universe is made up of two shelves in which living and nonliving entities could be conveniently placed. That of course, for many years, was a notion of truth just as it was once a truth when the earth was believed to be flat. But a closer look, a more attentive ear, and the use of sensitive orifices (just below the eye level) to perceive with meticulosity the environment–I mean, if you have felt what survival truly means–then, you would know that “living and nonliving” are not the only things that exist to be classified and in fact, many such as; emotion, worry, happiness, etc. play very important roles in our lives because they basically define how we exist.

Life is like a ride in the maze of eternity (with covered tracks that makes it difficult to track the way back home) for one without the necessary skill. While for another who is equipped with skill and carries the right map at hand, it is like a journey to the end–the desired destination. Thus; to effectively sail through life, one must learn how to survive and not just live passively.

Stephen Richards Covey an American educator, a businessman, one who’s research has thrown him over many of the thorns of life, in his popular book titled “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” said this better when he listed the universally timeless habits which are effective to attaining goals. Surprisingly, many of these habits are neither found in everyplace nor can be gotten from the marketplace neither. And while many may have to be acquired through the pain of some undesired experience in life, some others (such as discipline, thinking, and adaptation) are locked away and thought, many a time without conscientious perception, in the obvious places where we choose not to look–places like the orphanage.

According to newworldencyclopedia.org an orphanage is an institution dedicated to caring for children who have lost their parents, or for children believed to be abused, abandoned or generally neglected. Also, one in every four adult is reported to have been abused as a child worldwide (WHO, 2019). This value which is about 9.5 times the current population of a giant, Nigeria, only points to the indelible value which the orphanage has served and is still serving as a repository for as long as it exists.

Orphans, those who live in the palace of the Orphanage live their lives on schedules. They wake up, eat, go to and return from school , and sleep at fixed hours. With a life like this, they learn and practice discipline, and they spare no time for frivolous frivolities. In fact, when it comes to being proactive and putting first things first, they have the best hands on shore and as Stephen Covey says; “are the habits that surround self mastery i.e., moving from dependence to independence”.

Amidst the constancy of routine in the orphanage is the endless variety of possibility as each day passes by. New inmates come in to stay as old ones die out or are being adopted. Even the wardens and porters change with time just like many other things in life. The adopted fellows have to cope with changing lifestyle and may some times experience culture shock for a short while which is normal but, after on, having learned the best lessons of routine work, get to flow like they’ve been around for almost a lifetime.

Furthermore, it is important just as air is for survival that one truly masters the art of thinking. With it, the best inventions ever evolved for mankind and those yet to come are conceived. With daily routines which involves compulsory thinking sessions that give the thinker a good head to get where he wants to be from his present state. Also, if any man is seen as a survivor at the end of a fiercely competition, then, along with his warrior skill, must be a good thinker to have developed a good survival strategy.

In conclusion, let us remember that one needs to possess skill to effectively manoeuvre through life. After that, pray that everything else fall into place. For if one is to go for battle, he should go prepared rather than go wishing his enemy comes unprepared. This doesn’t mean that everyman should become an orphan at once and neither does it mean that all orphans possess all the skill mentioned above. What is to be learnt here are the skills, how they are gained and how they apply to one’s life positively. This, together with one’s resourcefulness, helps one survive in a world that is constantly reducing the capacity of life instead of living passively as if one does not exist.

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