20 Lessons I’ve Learnt In The 20 Years I’ve Walked This Earth.


I turned 20 today. 🥳Now I know some might think, that’s still young. But it’s 20 years. 20 years I have walked this earth. I have learnt a lot. I have experienced certain things older people than me haven’t. I have learnt a lot. Each and every one of us has experienced this world in their own way. I still have some little wisdom I can share. Here are some of the things I have learnt that I’d like to share with you. 

1. Not Everything Will Go My Way. 

This is a lesson I have definitely learnt the hard way. I might make plans, I might have a clear path for whatever I want to do but life happens. Circumstances change, situations change. Things don’t always go as I have planned. Life is unpredictable and I think that’s the beauty of it. No one really knows what is to come next. So I have learnt that despite having a plan, I should be flexible. To be able to adjust myself and my plans to fit the situation. 

2. Life Moves On No Matter What.

Life always moves on. Whether I’m happy whether I’m sad. That I’m going through shit or whether I am enjoying myself, life will move on. Life waits for no man. I have learnt to suck it up and march on. 

3. To Always Choose Me.

I will always choose me in any situation. I came to this earth alone and I’ll leave alone. I will always put myself first. I have learnt to put my happiness, my mental health and peace above everything and everyone else. I will walk away from any situation that might possibly be harming me, physical, mentally or spiritually. In every instance, I will choose me. 

4. No One Really Cares.

In as much as you want to believe that people care and they will pity you, no one cares. People go through different shit and everyone is coping with the hardships of life. So try as much as possible to keep your woes to yourself. Try to find solutions on your own. You can try to seek help but you have to make the effort to want to make things better. This is life and everyone has their own problems. No one really cares for yours. 

5. To Never Give A Fuck About What People Will Think. 

People’s opinions about you are more of their problem than yours. I have learnt this and I want to tell you that you are not obligated to follow what people define for you. Each and everyone has their own lives. Whatever they think you should do, let them apply it in their own lives. People’s opinions should never ever define you. Be you unapologetically. 

6. To Look At The Positive Side Of Things

There are two sides to a coin. After the storm is a rainbow. Please, teach yourselves to look at the positive side. Some situations however, do not have a positive side and it’s okay to crumble for a while and wallow in pain, but I’m telling you, you will rise again. I have chosen to look at the positive side of things. Things might not go as planned, but I plan to make the best out of a situation. 

7. To Keep My Affairs Private 

Not everyone has your interests at heart. You will share your accomplishment, your successes but people out there will always try to bring you down. Always try to undermine them or even sabotage you. I have learnt in my 20 years to always keep my affairs private. Whenever I get good news, I keep that private and only tell the closest people to me. Please please, keep your affairs private. Even the people you love, keep them away from the public because people don’t always want the best for you. People are looking to bring you down so give them less to talk about. Give them less to go by. 

8. To Never Settle For Less

Listen to me I have learnt this the hard way. Never ever settle for less than you deserve. Never settle for the bare minimum. You deserve so much more. I promise you the moment you settle for that less there’s will always be another opportunity, another person out there willing to give you your worth. Please please don’t settle for less. 

9. Honesty is the best policy.

People always appreciate honesty I know I do. I have learnt to try as much as I can to be honest with the people that I interact with. To take responsibility for my mistakes and apologize. People actually appreciate when they are not being lied to. They actually tend to forgive people who are just straight forward rather than those who lie so try as much as you can to be honest. Always strive to tell the truth. If you have wronged just tell the truth and apologize.

10. Tell People You Love Them 

Life is always unpredictable and so short. One moment you’re spending a life with someone the next moment they’re not here. Just like that they are gone. So whenever you get a chance tell people you care about. Tell them you love them. Tell them you think about them don’t be afraid to tell people you love them because you never know what will happen next. 

11. To Always Count My Blessings

I have learnt to always count my blessings. We are so focused on what we don’t have, so busy trying to achieve so much that we actually forget about the things that we really have. Count your blessings every chance you get. Count your family, your friends, the fact that you have a bed, that you have eaten, the fact that you are not homeless. Whatever you have, there’s someone out there who wishes they had that. So be grateful. 

12. I’m Not Superwoman

I can’t do it all. I don’t have the power to make everything work out. I have learnt to accept things as they come. With acceptance, comes peace. Peace knowing that you have done all you could do and it always get better. 

13. Tables Turn.

Tables do turn. Treat people with respect. Show compassion and mercy to everyone you meet. You never know where you’ll find them later in life. As you bully that classmate or co-worker keep in mind that one day you might be under their mercy. They’ll treat you just as you treated them. 

14. Money Is Very Important

Money is very important. Without money you can’t eat, you can’t buy clothing, you cannot have a house. You cannot even get water so yeah, money is very important for your survival. Whenever you get money, save a little for the rainy days. Learn to be frugal. Don’t spend money carelessly unless of course you can afford to do so. Plan a budget. If you can, invest. Open a savings account. Style up and be responsible 

15. I’ll Never Apologize For Being Me

I will never apologize for being me. I will never apologize for being smart or being expressive. Don’t ever feel the need to apologize for being who you are. Love yourself loudly. Celebrate yourself and most importantly, don’t shrink yourself to conform to society’s standards. 

16. To Learn To Love/Enjoy My Own Company

If you don’t love yourself how can you love others? If you’re not happy with yourself how can you be happy in the midst of others? I have learnt to enjoy my own company. To be contented with being alone. To not need people all the time. Learn this, so when someone starts taking you for granted they’ll know you can do without them..

17. People Are Selfish

Man is selfish. In situations where people are asked to choose between you or themselves they will always choose themselves. It’s normal. It’s ok. Man’s first instinct is to protect himself. To ensure he’s okay. So, remember this when you sacrifice everything for another person. Ask yourself, ‘if the situation was reversed, would they do this for me?’ 

18. Reading Is Very Important

Reading is important. Acquiring knowledge is important. Purpose to read more. Purpose to make yourself knowledgeable. Read books, newspapers, articles, blogs. Gain knowledge so that in the presence of knowledgeable people, you will have something to contribute. 

19. Self Improvement Is Man’s Greatest Purpose.

Everything man discovers or innovates, it’s aimed at improvement. People chase money so they can live a good life. Even the most basic of things. People eat so that the hunger will end. People shower so they can become clean. So, strive every day to do something that improves you. Either physically, mentally or spiritually.

20. To Live A Little.

Life is too short. You only live once. Go out have fun. Make friends, go on road trips, travel the world. Attempt new things. Life is never serious so don’t take it seriously. No one is getting out alive. 🤷🏽‍♀️

These I are the 20 things I’ve learnt during my time on earth. Happy birthday to me. 🥂I hope all my dreams come true. 🥰

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