Book Review : The Day After Tomorrow


Welcome to my first book review. I finished this one at around April. I hope you enjoy it. I think I’ve dropped some major spoilers, but oh well, at least I warned you

Author: Allan Folsom

Genre: Thriller, Mystery

Number of pages: 668 pages 

Rating: 4 stars

Protagonist: Paul Osborn

This book is not a bestseller for no reason. This book delivers full time suspense and the thrill. 

A young American orthopaedic surgeon, Paul Osborn, is in Paris for a doctors’ conference when he stumbles into Henry Kanarack, the man he saw stab his father in the streets of Boston 30 years ago in a café right there in Paris. Osborn attacks him chasing him through the streets of Paris and he loses him. Determined to get answers to questions that have been weighing him down all his life and eventually revenge, he hires a private investigator to find the killer only for the investigator to end up dead in his apartment but not before he tells Osborn the whereabouts of the murderer. The killing of the P.I sets in motion a series of killings all seemingly tied to Osborn and his father’s murder. His attempts to avenge his father’s death are halted by an assassin sent to shut Kanarack up and kill Osborn and this is where he discovers that Kanarack was just an assassin. A murder for hire. That his father’s death was bigger than he thought.

The doctor, in his search for answers, crosses paths with an LAPD homicide detective, McVey investigating horrific murders of surgically precise decapitations with heads being attached to different bodies under a mind-blowing and practically impossible scientific breakthrough. Their paths intertwine and they now have to work together, to get to the bottom of everything while evading the ruthless assassin hell bent on killing them who apparently can change his appearance. Osborn and Mcvey, together with other trusted police men uncover a major conspiracy deep rooted even in the workings of the French Police, government and Interpol run by a powerful COBOL that has infiltrated the highest workings of France and other European countries.

In the mission to find his father’s killer Osborn runs into Vera Monneray, a beautiful medical student and an intern at a Paris hospital who happens to be the secret lover of a famous French politician and falls in love with her. Meanwhile, Joanna Marsh is a nurse, tending to Elton Lybarger, a wealthy Swiss patient who is recovering from a stroke in a posh New Mexico facility. When Lybarger goes back to Zurich, his home, he is welcomed by very high- ranking German officials who take peculiar measures to ensure that Lybarger is fit for a secret ceremony. An unforeseen huge explosion that rocks the streets of Berlin in the secret chambers of a mansion results in the death of the high-ranking officials who had attended Lybarger’s ceremony caused by one of their own. This sends Osborn on a chase through Europe after a highly trained Nazi assassin who has kidnapped Vera and is in possession of a highly guarded secret. Osborn, who is alone after McVey is almost killed in the explosion, seeks to rescue Vera, get answers concerning his father’s death and to uncover the highly guarded secret of the German Officials. The hopes and plans of an earlier generation are finally discovered and immediately halted.  

Will the LAPD cop discover the people behind the horrific decapitations. Are they tied to Osborn’s father’s death? What is the top secret that the German officials were hiding? I can tell you it’s a plot twist that I definitely did not see coming. Read the book to find out. 

 This is for the suspense lovers. If you love twists and like anticipating what’s next, this book is definitely it. I’d give a 7/10 just because I feel like it was long for no reason. Some storylines were unnecessary. Also because the discovery of atomic surgery in the 90’s is quite hard to wrap my head around. 

One of my resolutions this year was to read more books. Then I thought, maybe I can write reviews when I finish them thereby fulfilling my desire to read and write. I’m on my 13th book now, a bit slow for my liking though but I’ll pick up the pace. Stick around for more book reviews🧡

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