From The Moment

From The Moment

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I have been taking a creative writing unit this semesterĀ  and we were given an assignment to write a love sonnet. The theme was “write a sonnet about love amidst these difficult times of the pandemic”. Here’s what I wrote.

Ps; This is my first time writing a poem.šŸ¤

From the moment I met you,

I knew I would never look back,

This love I would always pursue,

With you there is nothing I’d lack,

We fell in love amid tragedy,

The distance then became physical,

Your voice on calls rang like melody,

Just the sight of you would be magical

Your presence is what I crave,

To feel you close during these times,

But hope is all that I have,Ā 

That soon I’ll hold you in my arms.

I speak every night to the moon,

Hoping that maybe, just maybe it’ll answer me.

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