Life Really Is Pointless Huh!


You ever think life is just pointless. Like there is not much to life than just existing. You ever sit down and think about what happens when we die. Heaven? Like a golden kingdom up in the sky. Past the blue film we call the sky? We all know that that’s just air. Past that is our planet. Past that the solar system. According to Google, there are two trillion galaxies in the universe. Each galaxy has approximately 5000 solar systems give or take. Now in these solar systems there are many planets. Scientists consider planets as bodies that orbit a star. Now imagine how many bodies there are that are not considered planets. Do you believe there’s life in other planets? Aliens? Or you believe we are quite infact alone in the universe. Imagine if each planet has some some of life in it. Other civilizations just like earth has. Earth has approximately 7 billion people in it. That’s just people minus animals. Now imagine this number in each planet. 

How insignificant are we really? I like to think that we’re like a grain of sand on a beach. Or a tiny drop of water in the vast Pacific. 

There is really no point in life huh. These are not not suicidal thoughts. Far from it, they are ‘awakening’ at least that’s what I like to think. I believe there is no greater purpose. There is no specific role that one has in life you know. Life is really not that deep. 

I picture life as a dream. You don’t know where or when it begins or ends. You’re just there. Present in the moment until you are not. Until one day you are no more. You are gone. The dream has ended and you wake up in the afterlife. You ever think about where we were before being born. Not the 9 months in our mother’s womb. Even before conception. Were we just in a world of nothingness? Like a whole community and then suddenly we were just yanked from that world and brought into this one. You ever think about that?

There really is no definite answer for all these questions. I feel like life really is a journey but with no directions. The destination? Death. Each and every day is a day closer to your death. You go to sleep without knowing whether you’ll wake up. You wake up without knowing whether you’ll make it through the day till night. You don’t know whether a piece of food you are eating will choke you to death. You might go down the stairs, trip, hit your head and die. One moment you are here, the next you are not. I don’t mean to scare you. Quite the contrary, I’m just trying to ‘open your eyes.’ Everything is a risk. Life is a risk so what’s the worst that could happen if you took that risk? Life is unpredictable. No one has it figured out. Don’t let anyone tell you that ‘this is how things are.’ Life is a trial and error. Today it works out, tomorrow it doesn’t.Life has no manual. Live your life the way to choose. Define your own standards. I wrote a whole article on my blog on how to start living your life. Feel free to check it out here. However much we might learn from people’s experiences, everyone has their own process mechanism. It’s how they process whatever they go through.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, there’s really not a greater purpose. Don’t beat yourself up trying to find out what role you play in the universe. You are just a drop in a vast ocean. Do your best to live a good happy life. Be kind to those you cross. Find joy in the littlest of things. Have fun. Be happy. Laugh, smile.

My motto is ‘be better today that you were yesterday and tomorrow strive to be better than you are today’.

Strive to grow. Improve. Be the best version of yourself. Life should be a competition between your past self and your present self not between you and someone else. Be a good person. Be kind, caring, nurturing. Most important of all, Mind Your Own Damn Business because just as everyone has their own lives, you have yours to do what you think others should do. Because day you will be no more. Life really is a journey, yet no one has the directions.

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