Sundays Are For Brunches And Relaxing.


Haa! It’s Sunday.  The sun is out and bright. The skies are clear. It’s a beautiful day. I’m just from the morning mass which ends at 11am. One thing I love about my Catholic church is that mass is like a schedule. We follow the same routine everytime. There are no surprise guests, testimonials or events no shade to other churches though. For the ones who are not particularly esctatic to spend a whole day in church like me, this quite my cup of tea. I’m walking from church back home because you know, the doctors recommend that we be active. Despite the delightful conversation I’m having with my brother, I feel a bit tired. Having woken up early for the mass while I slept late watching a movie on Saturday night. It’s exhausting really.

Sundays are the last day of the week right? No, like realistically, not the way we were taught in middle school that weeks began on Sunday. Everyone knows that a new week starts on Monday. 

Petition to have church days moved to Saturday though. So that on Sundays I don’t have to wake up early for church. I can wake up at any time of the day and laze around in my pajamas eating popcorn and catching up on my favourite show. If I’m particularly feeling good, maybe go out for brunch my some friends. Sundays should be for brunches and relaxing. I mean Sunday is the last day of the week then the dreadful Mondays are next. I’ve always hated Mondays. Even in boarding school, everyone hated Mondays. After a blissful weekend of relaxing and lazing around, we had to wake up at 4:30am for preps🥴. All I’m saying is I think Mondays should be scrapped of the calendar. Now, on Mondays, I have to wake up early to beat the traffic after being tired the whole of Sunday. Please I don’t know if I’m the only one who thinks this. If you do, leave a comment down below and we can form a support group haha. Honestly Sundays should be for brunch and relaxing. 

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