The Foreign Novel-Virus And How It Disrupted Our Lifestyles.

The Foreign Novel-Virus And How It Disrupted Our Lifestyles.

I remember that Tuesday morning when life changed completely. I had woken up ready for class. I was scrolling on my twitter timeline on my way to class, when I saw the breaking news by a local media company. Ugh! We’re so used to this. Maybe a politician said something absurd enough to raise a debate because the comments were many. I scrolled down to the more interesting stuff. Then I saw breaking news headline by another station. “Schools to be closed because of the Corona Viral Disease…”. I didn’t even finish reading the rest. I got a memo from the school administration saying that classes had been suspended till further notice. This was a happy-sad situation for me. Happy because I was heading to class for a CAT. Again why do schools give us those monstrosities. Don’t even get me started on exams. Sad because if schools are closed I have to go back home and part with the uni life and my friends ooh my friends… I didn’t think it was that serious because I had read about it on a website and it didn’t seem serious. Just a common flu I said. Oh if only I knew. I thought this was just affecting the western countries. We headed home telling ourselves that we would be back in school after two or three weeks.¬†

Then they started reporting 5 cases. People started getting jittery and scared. Some said it was lab-manufactured. Others said it was because of the 5G network. The foreign virus started killing patients, two a day. In the next weeks a 100 in total. Everybody was in a marathon to buy house supplies fearing a lockdown. Tissues bought in bulk. People must have heard using a lot of tissue would protect them from get the virus. So much unnecessary fear as if the world was ending. Then a 9pm to 4 am curfew was enacted. Our “very capable” government enacted night curfew as if they learnt the virus is only transmitted at night. The first few days of curfew were hell. The police exercising very brutal force by beating the law breakers, harassing innocent women and children and pilling people on top of each other therefore increasing the chances of transmission of the virus. Of course the kind of incompetence and illiteracy you expect when you look at someone’s dental formula as if they are going to model for a toothpaste while selecting new recruits for the police force. People then towed the line and hurried to get into their houses before the curfew. Then a lockdown was enacted. Businesses were shut down. But we were better of since the western countries reported an average of over 10,000 cases daily.

We had to do our own hair, shave our own heads, no outings. Markets were closed. Churches too were closed. If you wanted to attend church, you had to attend virtually. In our home, we woke up at 9am to catch up with the Sunday mass aired on the TV. People lost their jobs and had to cut down on costs. If you were having meals thrice a day, some had to cut down to two. If you had fruits each day now you had to partake once a week. Snacks and cuisines were a luxury. Lifestyles changed. People developed depression. Domestic violence in homes increased since everyone was cramped at home with tensions and anxiety increasing. A lot of free time for the kids and teenagers. Some explored very dangerous waters and got knocked up. Now kids are mothers with their mothers. These were very unprecedented times we were not prepared for. Now 8 months down the line, we are still at home. We are reporting an average of 1200 cases each day and we’re not even surprised. People flaunting the rules left and right. What do we expect. Approximately 1.7 million Kenyans have lost their jobs. Some who still wanted to cling to their jobs-their only sources of livelihoods- had to take huge pay cuts. The officials of my government have stolen public funds and donations we received from well wishers and pocketed the money. Our warriors who are fighting the virus at the fore front, are dying. The lucky ones are quiting their jobs. They fear for their lives. They are only human. My country is bleeding and I blame everyone. I blame my country people for putting this leaders in power. I blame the leaders who apparently have no humanity left for stealing all the money and leaving us to be killed by the scourge. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. A vaccine was developed and we hope for the best. We hope everything will go back to how it was.

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