New Life, New Music: This is how DJ Horphuray is spinning the course of the industry with his art

New Life, New Music: This is how DJ Horphuray is spinning the course of the industry with his art
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Horphuray lets me know that it’s never about the numbers. Numbers are not exactly the goal. We talk about his life, music and even hair routine!

I had listened to a great author talk about the mirage that the society has built around numbers last week and how very less important they actually are. Somehow, society has built a belief system for herself where the person with more followers on social media, or more money is the one who is most likely to be right about a subject matter. The numbers just have a blinding power, one that Horphuray – alongside other Christian Hip-hop acts – are breaking really fast.


You know Aimuemojie Ofure as DJ Horphuray; the hands that turn the wheel of steel at Cool FM Lagos every Sunday morning for Sunday Praise Jam. However, beyond discs, Horphuray seems to be jockeying a number of other phenomenons. In this interview, we talk about his life, music and even hair routine!


White collar jobs and the civil service were the buzz jobs before this generation emerged. Has it always been ‘DJ’ for you? I mean your dream job as a kid.


Well, it wasn’t always my dream. You know, you plan one thing and your country and situations have another thing in stall for you. I always knew I was going to be in the entertainment industry though, but I wasn’t sure as what exactly; not until I became a DJ.


So what did you want to be?


[Laughs] A tech engineer.


We had this interview over the phone because it posed as less risky, considering exposure to the COVID-19 menace going all around the city of Lagos and even the entire globe. If only some artistes could become as global as the virus.

Speaking of becoming global as an artiste…


People often say it’s easier to grow as a music act doing gospel music other than secular. How true is that?


That’s not exactly correct. The gospel music artistes are growing just like all other artistes in the industry. You know, not too many churches would call an urban artiste to come and rap or vibe in their churches if it’s not worship so it could get a little on the tough side.


I couldn’t help but notice how he took his time to reply to the questions. It only confirms the calm deaminor that his face suggests in pictures. Horphuray is some all-round cool guy!


There are not so many Disc Jockeys, especially not gospel DJs. Who and who do you look up to in the industry?


I feel you are mistaken, we are over 35 gospel DJs in Lagos alone, not to talk of Port Harcourt, Abuja and the other cities.


Oh, my bad. I definitely was mistaken.


[Laughs] Sure you were. I actually look up to God, he gives the inspiration and ideas.

Your hair routine. What’s the magic behind this sweetness?


[Prolonged laughter] It’s natural. Hair cream, twist it and we good to go. No too much stress, biko.


There have been collabos between you and Limoblaze. How far back do you guys go?


It’s just one collaboration for now, but we are set to do more and with various artistes. We actually met in December 2018 at Henrisoul’s concert and since then, we have been very good friends.


So more Limo x Horphuray?


More of Horphuray and other gospel artistes.

You got featured for an award alongside DJ Promote – Lacrae’s official DJ. How did that make you feel?


It was good being recognized as the first African and Nigerian to be among the top 5 Christian DJs in the world. It feels good because the hard work, late night mixes aren’t all a waste.


ARJ’ has had 3.6 million streams. Protek has M.I Abaga on his album. Do you think Christian Hip-hop (CHH) artistes and the urban christian community are appreciated enough?


Itty, a new sound has emerged and we are birthing new and crazy ideas. This is just the starting point and it’s not really about the numbers, it’s more about the lives that are being saved through the gospel of Christ from every track we drop out there.


Have you ever considered secular music?


Never for once have I considered that [laughs]. What shall it profit me? I’m supposed to represent my Father here on earth and I’m very sure he wouldn’t want me leading people astray.


So how does it all make sense to you at the end? What makes you feel fulfilled?


I may not be standing behind a pulpit preaching, but with this little gift I’ve got, I’m spreading the gospel. Even with a massive turn up, I can still pass my message that Jesus is Lord. We can party and lock down in grand style and still bless lives. There is no party like a Holy Ghost party, yo! 




PS: After this session, I got my hands on Ofure’s Rhythm And Praise Party Mix and I totally knocked myself out. I don’t know if it’s because it’s a gospel mix, but my dance was fueled by a different kind of joy – the kind I want to share.

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