the good, the bad, the ugly; i need all!

Podcast by Jaachị Anyatọnwụ-9e829e17
i do not want a side of the coin
flip it over, sweet or sour
i need more
more of good and bad
good, because bad abounds,
bad, because too good is bad
i need more,
more of up and down
up, because there’s where i belong,
down, because it reminds me from whence I am come
i need more
more of luxury and loss,
luxury, because life’s too short,
loss, lest i be full and by folly curse god
i need more
more of black and white,
black, because in black beauty is found,
white, because in white black is profound
i need more
more of you and i
you, because you need me,
i because i need me
i need more
give me sweet, give me sour
let balance be the core

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