The word has never been void of wickedness and selfishness at every level of life. The deficiency of the world had always called for the high sense of sensitivity in the female world. I remember when I got admission into the higher institution, my Aunt told me to be conscious of where I would be sitting during lectures. She said I should neither sit at back nor front. She advised I rather sit in the middle but due to the serious girl in me, all through my undergraduate days, you would always find my sit in the first three rows of the class. My quest for learning conquered my fears. Sitting in front means giving my all attention.

     Before seeing the movie citation, I already perceived the movie centers on RAPE.  I was so curious to know what led to the incident of rape in the movie.  The thriller left me with questions?  Moremi the lead character, took me into the insight of the importance of environment on our mental and social wellbeing.  One of the scene that got me thinking as a Nigerian typical lady was when she volunteered to teach her lecturer professor Lucien how to drive.  I was angry that her innocence would be taken for granted. I wished at that moment to speak to Moremi on the need for creating boundaries. The scenes got me agitated as the movie followed suit. I could read the mind of professor Lucien as he carefully laid out his plan to make Moremi bend just as every other lady.   I could see through koyejo, Moremi’ s heartthrob who tried to tell Moremi the trip to Senegal was just a trap for her. I was so angry with how she was comfortable around him even after she became aware of his intentions.

    My anger subsided when I reflected on the fact that Moremi didn’t bag her degree from Nigeria.  All that mattered to her was the fact that prof Lucien was a man whose well of intelligence was overflowing and she was ready to learn and equip her mind.  How was she to know all that was in Prof Lucien’s mind was to get her to sleep with him? I love to have conversations with people of great minds, I would also love to have that intelligible conversation with my Lecturer but as the Yoruba proverb goes ‘’ Gbagbo alangba lo da nu dele, a mo eyi ti inu runn (All lizard’s stomach are turned upside down, we don’t know the lizard who has stomach upset) This proverb connotes that you can’t know people’s thought or feeling concerning you. .  Sadly, that is our reality, the female girl child has always been subjected to a sexual object. The four walls of the academic world are supposed to be a place where the female gender is supposed to be free and confident to speak to her lecturers but the story is however, an unfortunate story. The pain that we always have to hide our faces for the feared of being wooed. We have to fight for our right to say “NO’’? we live by being conscious of our interaction with the men teaching us. Ladies are skeptical about being the class rep of the class for the fear of being chased by lecturers. 

           Moremi never knew any of this ordeal, she was just interacting base on her innocence, she was in the system for her master’s degree. So, I relieved her of the guilt , there has always been a system and the system has never been fair. Somehow, we longed for a new system where the feminine gender would be rest assured that she can find the heart of a father in her lecturers and professors. We long for a system where the feminine gender can go to school freely, ask questions, have an academic dialogue without the fear of being victimized by her tutor. The female wants a world where her body would not be the subject of contention. All the feminine gender wants are a system that gives where her outstretch.

    Our safety will always be creating boundaries. How long shall we keep boundaries when even the renowned of men are vile in their approach to the female gender.  The story citation keeps the hope alive, the hope that the female gender will continue to live irrespective of the travail in her society, the hope that we will continue to echo our voices out because we do not want to be seen as mere sexual object, we want to be seen as a human being who deserves to be respected and accorded the opportunity to display creative and intellectual prowess.

   Citation was full of suspense. I had thought prof Lucien raped her however, all along I was wrong. He attempted to rape her. Although, he could have raped her successfully, the self-defense koyejo taught her was really helpful .one powerful lesson learnt from Moremi simply said in clear terms ‘’do not keep quiet’. An attempt is tantamount to RAPE. .

        If creating boundaries will save us from assault, we won’t stop creating boundaries and we would never stop to raise our voices against any act that demeans the dignity of women. We would not stop  living., we would live our lives and the consciousness of our environment will not stop us from upholding our dignity. We are in a world where creating boundaries will always be our mantra.

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