Do not shut me up!


I am Child!
Do not shut me up!
Because, I am child.
Do not deprive me!
Because , I am a child.
Do not neglect me
Because , I am Child…..

Listen! Even though
Terrorism shouts like a monster,
Kidnapping and ritual roars,
Rape and molestation ring it’s bell,
Depression and Suicide vent their venom,
Poverty ruins the system called “Education”,
War steal homes and families,
Economic meltdown crashes everything,
And the hope for a better nation dashes
Against the rock.
Yet! Will I stand,
I am a child, I am a voice
I am the future of the society,
I will fight with the power of my
Growth , wisdom and experience.
I am a child and together with me.
Every other child will fight
For our existence and love

Happy children’s day

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