Free to live

Free to live


Can a bird be caged in the air

 where freedom is free?

Can the music of sonorous voice?

Be limited from singing its melody?

Can the oceanic water cry?

Out in pain for the will to live?


Why does she have to weep?

Like there is no hope for tomorrow.

Why does she have to bleed?

Like a tap that keeps running.

Why does she have to beg?

When the natural providence is in abundance.

Why does she have to labour?

 Like a waiting mother at child birth.


She cries and fights,

For selfishness and greediness have ruled

The empire of her world and existence,

Her children are bound by the chains

Of poverty and, hunger, unemployment,

Corruption, assaination, human trafficking,

War, rituals and kidnap, insecurity.


              She is tired, feeble and weak!


                She fights with the strength of

                       Her youth

For the protectors of the land killed

Their siblings in sheer wickedness

For the hunt of the paper Idol(money).

in their journey of finding the cyber criminals.


She cries! She cries! She cries!

For the protectors of the land

Have killed without mercy.


 James Janet Ibukunoluwa




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