Story-dignified series

Story-dignified series


She did not lose sight of Akin whenever he passed around her office. Akin was different, his thoughts and perception were similar with hers. The fact that he could read her emotion made her really feel special . She liked him! ”yes , I do”. Sade remembered attesting to Stella when they went to eat at the restaurant in the evening of yesterday.
Akin did not come to call her today to Join him for lunch just as he has done yesterday. She attempted to give him a call but his line was busy. She dropped the phone with a Curt smile on her face, ”I can’t believe He likes me too” . She slapped herself “Don’t be silly Sade ! Don’t let your feelings overwhelm you . He had requested to start a relationship with her but she told him, he would get a feed back today. She decided to go his office on a second note.

Every one in her office had gone for lunch , Her heart was racing so fast that she was wondering If all was well or it was her feelings giving in to fate. Just as she was about entering his unlocked office, she could hear him speaking through a video chat . To whom was he speaking to? She tip-toed back a little and evesdropped on his calls.
Akin: That’s my little princess, I would instruct mummy to buy chocolates for you.
Daughter: Thank you Daddy! I will see you tomorrow.
Akin: Bye my princess….
Sweetheart ….
Wife : Akin please don’t forget to pick me at the airport by 3:00 tomorrow …I Love you ….
Akin: I won’t , I cross my heart.

Her jaw broke! She was too shocked to shout. She went back to her office in tears .she walked briskly into her office , She laughed and cried at the same time, there was no one to wail with her . It was just her(soul, Spirit and Body). She stood up , picked a mirror from her bag, stared deep into the mirror and said ‘Sade you are fool”

Akin walked into Sade’s office at the end of the days work.
Hello! sweetheart ,I am sorry ,I didn’t show up for lunch.
“You were on call”, Sade interjected
Yeah,I missed your call. Akin replied. Would you join for dinner at my place tonight and I……hope to get a reply today . Sade was silent.
Sade….. please do give me a chance.
Your wife is arriving tomorrow? Sade asked
Yes dear! How did you know……
I was at your office the other time. Sade replied .
Oh………Sade. That is the sad story of my life. My wife doesn’t stay at home. She travels every time and I am always lonely. I am seriously hoping you ‘ll give me a chance.
Sade with a feeling of anger replied ‘’you actually want me as a side chick?
Yes…..Are we in?
“No I am not interested Mr Akin” Sade replied.
I can’t be the other woman, I am to precious to be a side chick Mr Akin. Can we call this meeting a day! I have closed for the day……
Sade…..It is me Akin…
Sade remained silent and told him to leave her office with a nod. She liked him but not enough to ruin her future . She is a breed of dignified beauty that won’t waste her future on the altar of carelessness.
© Jeenioluwa 2020

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