The emotion behind the harsh attitude of Taxi drivers


The emotions behind the harsh “Taxi Man”
The Economic situation of Nigeria is one that is unequal in nature. The economic situation has formed certain characters out of every citizens. This reaction is however determined by the positive or negative Influence of the Economy. The characters of Nigerian taxi driver can be said to “impolite and harsh. It comes as a surprise when a typical taxi driver treats you well.
The reality of social Inequality system can’t be overemphasized because it has become the anthem for daily day to day activities. The taxi drivers are however not left behind. The bitter truth is that none of them intended to be taxi drivers but poverty chose a line of survival for them. This poverty is sometimes caused by illiteracy , Unemployment , and Economic meltdown.
The emotions behind the harsh reality of their character is created out of the well of societal pressure. The societal pressure comprise the need to survive. The need to feed their family and give them a sustainable life even though they are well aware of their inadequate stipend. One of the other factors that is second to none is the “daily tax “ they pay to police men , Solider and the garage thrift’s accountant. This daily tax equates their stipend to one third of what is earned.

The responsibility that comes with being the head of the Family demands a lot and the pain that comes with the inability to provide for the family produces a negative force which results into the negative energy. The negative energy remains one of the reason why the typical Nigerian taxi driver cannot behave kindly to their passengers. When the ability to behave kindly to people is found missing. Then ,the individual is suffering from depression. It is evident that the mental health of Nigerian typical taxi drivers needs help and it is only compassion that can help them believe “Joy will come again.
P.S wrote this Content for revealer( An organization that creates awareness about mental health).

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