The stigma

The stigma

Your loins was my comfort zone
Why did you endanger my Zone?
Encircling me to a danger zone?
You tricked me out of desperation
Making me a victim of a futile desperation
I cry to wander away
That I might flee your lane.

This was your road to endless pain
Failing to shield the seed of your womb.
This was your ruffled moan
Creating a mockery of a loosened womb.
My plane landed as irresolute birth
Cold welcoming to my acclaimed birth
Why make a call to my birth?
Why make a call to my birth?
When your heart was incapable of my birth?

I am the partitioned line
That reminds you of your plain mistake.
Having no homes in your life
“I stay unmoved”
As your homes lies in your new found bone
Hovering over your seeds as Gold.
The first seed is fighting
for your separated identity
I ran to the hills of Empathy
I couldn’t even get sympathy.
Am a sister of mixed blood
Am a brother of mixed blood
Am a sibling to blood
Of different axis

This is a misery
I am left to fight
Alone !!!
I fight to renew my parents
Painful poisoned past
I labour for the path
In which I voyaged
Through the world.

I fight for love
I fight for identity
For I am a child
Born out of wedlock.

Dedicated to every child and individual born out of wedlock

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