The Sun set at the dark dead night!



The sun shined vividly at the dark hours of the day. We thought the clock was recycling the wrong number of the day. Alas, an unusual event was unfolding. The events that have always been happening in time past but we all did not see it in the reality of the modern world. We would never had thought betrayal and deceit could look boldly into our eyes. The historic reality of the past played again and it left us all in shock, despair and sorrow for our fatherland. There was blood on our moon. There was blood on the land and we all watched helplessly and hopelessly!
Voices crying out in pain, the future Golds of the land battling the impact of the bullet, our mind becoming the home of fear, our mental health became a home for confusion, the look into the black dead night became the longest night of existence. The flag was down and the eagle in our shields lost the strength to fight. We mourned the woe of our naïve wishes, to create a better nation.
It did hurt our hearts to see the blood of our fellow brothers and sisters, who died for our cause. The next morning was a mental war, a war that stole our rights to see the value in our lives, the news filled our eyes with the dawn of an agitation, we wanted to hear the head speak but his silence told us we mean nothing to him and when he spoke, his intention was made known, lies have been flying around yet! No one is yet to be fined for the blood that was shed, the nation mourned, the cities were set on fire and hoodlums broke in, to unleash violence, and our eyes were opened to the reality of the new Nigeria that is emerging.
The blood that was shed on that fateful day reminded us of our determination to create the new Nigeria. Although, the lies are still lingering, the truth is still being hoarded, the youths are still being defamed, the divided voice of Nigerians yet! The voice of the youth still stands firm and fierce. It is a voice that is being feared now in Nigeria. The new Nigeria is emerging, if they would not create a new Nigeria for us, we have decided to create a new Nigeria for ourselves. We have decided to start living.
We haven’t forgotten you, you who died on the ground of lekki, you who have been killed and matched on the floor of the Nigerian soil. We have not forgotten; we are sad that you have been wasted for our sake but through our sorrow we know that your blood has pleaded to the heavens on our behalf. We are hurt yet strengthened by your sacrifice. You are the sun shining in our night. Your voices will not stop to linger on our journey to a better Nigeria. History is being made, the new Nigeria is emerging.

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