The voice will echo again

The voice will echo again

Government was one of my best subject in secondary school. At the inception of my S.S.1 class, I was told that it was a subject to be feared because the teacher was strict and people hardly pass. I was already scared of the subject but I struggled to calm my nerve despite all I have heard. When the first class surfaced, my fears was killed as I enjoyed the first class. I was so interested in knowing more about the three arms of government. My teacher was really strict; her class control was without words but the look said it all. I must admit she was good at what she does, when she explains government to you, you will begin to see the reality play in your mind. One word that sticked to my memory is the “arbitrary use of power’’. That word was written in my jotter because my tear emphasized on the meaning and today’ reality made the meaning ring like a bell ‘’ the misuse of power.
Nigeria is a country that is enormous in wealth and crime. Money has become the value for the standard of living. money is desperately chased by all but it is amassed by only a few in the country called Nigeria. The public office has been perceived as an avenue to make money and exploitation has become a song of the season. Every man is set out to exploit or harm his neighbor. We are being ruled by our willpower to be greedy. The willpower to amass more wealth Is the major reason we are battling with cases of murder, theft, war and injustice including the revolution of the moment END SARS.
The desperate chase of money has become the door that opened the opportunity for the misuse of power. Power intoxicates, influences and alters the rule of the land on the basis of selfish interest. This the reason why a policeman will shoot an innocent citizen because the power of his office is his gun and that can produce money from the citizen he is designed to protect. The truth is every parastatal or public office has been sincerely created to make the society better.
However, when the offices are created, the individuals take advantage of their assumed positon to rob or intimidate others. It is worthy to note that every sector of the economy exploits the citizen for reason or the other and this also includes the private sector. Various individuals have misused the power vested on them. This the reason why the power of SARS and police on our roads cannot be underestimated. When power is misused other atrocity, such as rituals and kidnap, robbery, internet fraud, rape and many more.
It is rather unfortunate to see people discharge their duty with the desire born out of illegal passion. Passion has been replaced by greed and selfishness. This is the reason why the taxi driver will drive his passengers in a rude and frustrated manner because he has a longlist of dues to pay for the security agencies on the road, this is the reason why SARS will arrest internet fraudsters not for the sake of handing them over to the law but for the sake of the money that will be gained. Soon after the arrest, the internet fraudster will be working freely on the road, this is the reason why police will rather oppress the poor and become friends to the rich man with a lot of crime sitting on his neck.
I remember during my undergraduate days, while coming from school, the police stopped the bus I boarded for the usual. I was angry because that was not the first time, he was giving out money. I decided to speak but the others in the bus were quiet. To my surprise, the man shouted at me to keep quiet, for he will drop me with the police if they heard my voice and he continued driving angrily. SILENCE had always been the reason for evil deeds to linger but it is however sad that we only raise a voice after a life is gone. In the months before, the protest was for Uwa and Tina. Today, the protest is against police and SARS brutality. The question is what will tomorrow protest be? Is it going to be a song of liberation? Why did we refuse to protest when SARS Became internet fraudster because of the habit of collecting ransom from Yahoo guys? Why did we fail to shout when the innocent citizen was accused wrongly by SARS? Why do we keep quiet over the rituals that happens in the dark coven of bushes? How have we tackled rape? how has human trafficking been thriving? Why do we stay quiet? Why do we raise our voice after blood has been shed, after a life has been laid to rest in the soil?
We keep playing the game of not my business forgetting the fact that the root that we fail to uproot will later become a tree. A tree that will need a tractor of unity to fall. Until we come to this realization that a change cannot be effected until there is a revolution to live for one and other, we may have to continue protesting over one issue or the other. The protest for END POLICE BRUTALITY AND SARS is a proof of that change we are wishing for but that is not all to it. I hope our voices will not be dim by darkness, I hope our voices will continue to echo for the voiceless? I hope we will stop misusing the power vested on us in our respective places of duty? I hope the protest will stop being a means to shed more blood? I hope the internet fraudsters will change their illegal means of getting money? I hope the prayer walk protest for Nigeria will not hit the rock? I hope our voice will only speak in the four walls of our house? I hope our voices will not murmur but echo peace and tranquility?
I leave you with the words of martin Luther king junior ‘’ In the end, we won’t remember the words of our enemy but the silence of our friends’’ .

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