What is Justice? What is Freedom? What is Humanity?

What is Justice? What is Freedom? What is Humanity?

What is Justice? What is Freedom? What is Humanity?
In our year book just like every other year, students of SS3 graduating class were asked to input their future ambition . I was asked too and I remember writing “A lawyer”. Trust me, the thought of being a lawyer was freaky good. I didn’t graduate as a law student eventually , I graduated bagging a B. A(Education) English . There were questions I failed to ask myself when I decided from my heart that I wanted to study law. A common future ambition chosen by the Art/humanity students. However, this question did not pop up until I saw the movie ‘Miracle in Cell 7’. A poor man was wrongly accused and the system knew he was innocent but they were instigated by a political figure to implicate the young poor man who was deficient and poor in speech , A young man whose intellectual capacity is zero . The system knew he only lived for his daughter “yesung” but he got a death penalty for a crime he didn’t commit…My heart wept for a society so crude and inhuman.
At that point, I checked my desire for wanting to be A lawyer and I figured out It was for a selfish reason. For my love for justice, I started to wish I was a lawyer after seeing ‘miracles in Cell 7’ until it struck me that I don’t need to be a lawyer to give Justice. I need to be human to do that. It is not my profession that will determine that. At least It is not all lawyers that are faithful to their call.

Following the recent events that happened in the previous week I began to ask myself What is Justice? What is Freedom? What is Humanity? I know the quick definition we give to Justice will be “giving everyone their equal right and giving due Judgement and punishment”. On a second note I discovered we can’t fully define what Justice , Freedom and Humanity is because It is not visible to the society we live rather Justice is the right of an individual that is being deprived based on selfish Interest. Unfortunately, we all keep typing the hastag “Stop this” , “Justice for” only when a matter has hit the international wave or the national wave. The whole nation at that time begins to rant ,shout and scream for justice. Why do we rant and talk after the deed is done? Why do we begin to protest after a life is gone? We act like it never happened before but it happens everyday in our streets and neighborhood. We have trained ourselves to remain silent and mute.

What is Justice to a man who was wrongly accusesd? What is Justice to an individual who who was robbed of his property or money? What is Justice to that young girl given to early marriage? What is Justice to that girl who is a victim of Female Genital mutilation? What is Justice to the individuals who died as a result of carelessness? What is Justice to the Rape victim? What is Justice to those who die as a result of Rape? What is Justice to that individual killed through Jungle Justice? What is Justice to that individual who was deprived of going to school? What is Justice to that Black man that is constantly picked on because of the colour his skin? What is Justice to that taxi man driving on the road thinking of the dues to pay to a police man? What is Justice to that man or woman suffering from domestic violence? What is Justice to the woman who just lost a child because she lacked the money to treat her child? What is Justice to the victims of Money ritual and kidnapping? What is Justice to the inhabitants of the street? What is Justice to young youth used to create political menace? What is Justice to Internally displaced persons? What is Justice to those who are constantly invaded by terrorist ? What is Justice to those who die as a result of the Boko Haram Insurgency? What is Justice to the soldiers who die on the battle field? What is Justice to the unemployed graduate? What is Justice to those who die of poverty? What is Justice to the persons with disability, autism and albinos?

These questions are unending . Justice can only be valid when The pain of a neighbor is identified and recognized. Freedom is a subset of Justice given fairly. Humanity is simply living for one and another. Justice simply means being fair to the system of truth. Justice is speaking up for the less privileged. Justice means fighting the negative nemesis together. Justice means finding a shoulder to lean on. Justice is the value for your neighbor’s life. A society that is true to giving Justice is a society of the free born. The seed of our silence remains the reason we fight Rape, Jungle Justice, Racism, Human trafficking, corruption, terrorism, Ritual, child marriage, Depression, murder, Suicide, armed robbery, female genital mutilation and many more.
On a final note , as we celebrate democracy today, let us remember the words of Martin Luther King (jnr) “ In the end, we won’t remember the words of our enemy but the silence of our friends”. Define Justice , freedom and humanity according to the love that lives in your heart.

Happy Democracy day✍️

© Jeenioluwa 2020

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