Grind them or Chew them, create moments that glow

Grind them or Chew them, create moments that glow

It is not a telltale the last couple of days were caged in frenzy and utmost purgation of emotions. The simple sight of finalists performing the rightful rite of “signing-out” after four years of perseverance and endurance would send the heart on a time travel, wondering when one’s time would come. Also, the antsy to go home after three full moons in the lion of the caliphate – the academic rigour, the fear that grips the mind in the face of exams – purges the mind off complacency. At most, one thing is clear, the 2018/2019 academic year came, saw and was conquered. We all clamoured, but have we really won the duel or rather fuel the rage?

The coming days may seem hazy, and what lies before us may be covered in winter’s mist due in part to our inconsistent or the urge to pass pastimes in vagueness, mayhaps groove on movies. Wilderness and wandering around half-heartedly. I have a friend who had sworn to pass the coming days next to the TV. For those blockbuster series, nights with friends and combing through social media, all day, time counts. It sounds pleasing, deep down the bones. We all want to cool off heat. Rigour. And those nerve-bending moments that would never be wished for. But the truth is, the break is simply to explore and expand. To please the angry sky to open up her rich candour and explore all avenues; cross the uncrossed desert and unclimbed ridge; the star and harvest that is sleeping in the unplowed ground.

For once, entrepreneur is booming and has proven to be a more greener alternative. Despite the hurdle associated with schooling, one can still crisscross the spirit of entrepreneurship with academics. It’s deep down in everyone, only if we nursed it. The ample time the break provides shouldn’t be let loose. It’s meant to be taken, exploited, maximized. It may sound rather compelling, but it’s obvious the world has moved from embracing not only papers to what the brain has to offer. Learn, unlearn and relearn new skills. Get a skill. Skills and conquer new territories. It is then, one can be above and beyond.

Apart, I was reading an anthology authored by Saliu Mahe – “How to view the world from a glass prism”, the author tools modern poetry with a touch of finesse and nail how to navigate the world with his arsenal of literary prowess. Evidently, books are windows through which we view the world, from spectrums of another soul, of unheard voices and untold stories. Another vantage point here is to stay engaged. Not necessarily espousing that supposed “other spine”, it is to get arrays of ladders to the other world where one revel in the thrill, ecstasy of the black-lettered words. The moments where one, first, flirts with time, seizes the moment and then makes memories. Get books, it prepares one for the rarest days. Read books, it equips the mind. Have you ever wondered why writers are the best set of students on campus? It’s because they are readers, righters and fighters, of truth.

Well, this is not telling one to be a “boko Lord” or “a workaholic”, as ‘danfodites’ call it. Like it’s often said, “all work without play makes Jack a dull boy”, talk it out, visit friends, but judiciously. It is simple. You’re not Jack. It is best to utilise the break with utmost devotion to empowering the mind, to set ablaze the smouldering thought for capital growth. In short, I leave you in the faithful wordings of Salihu Mahe’s heavenly inspired lines: “Learn the art of creating moments. Like the birthing of a star. Never let a second go by, without plucking a feather from the hands of time. Grind it with oak leaves and human faces. Their smiles, their giggles and lies. Grind them or chew them with your mouth. Create moments that glow in the dark like fireflies”

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