All over

All over



It was not the first time,
Someone she trusted hurts her,
Vowed there would not be a second time,
So she guarded her heart with care,
Never let any man get anywhere near.

Locked her heart and turned down feelings,
She could not bear the pain of hurting,
Not another day of regrets and thinking,
She wanted them to have a taste of her pains,
She decided in herself to give out her pains.

Became a player overnight,
Used her beauty as a trap to entice,
Her character a weapon to chastise,
No one could see the pains in her eye,
All they saw was love freezed like ice.

She succeed in making them pay,
Won every game to share the pain,
Until she fell in love over and again,
Once again she got betrayed by a man,
Now she became a victim of her own way.

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