“Reduced Inequalities” as a Sustainable Development Goal; The Way to Security.

"Reduced Inequalities" as a Sustainable Development Goal; The Way to Security.

* Even as a child, Jide understood the difference between being rich, being poor and just being there.
As he walked back from school, sent home for not having paid his tuition yet, he wondered about what would happen next.
Thoughts flashed in his head which brought deep dread to him.
Images of sitting at his mother’s shop or hawking along the highway while his mates were in class, made his heart burn with a mad jealousy he could not comprehend.
For the very first time in his life, Jide was very angry and very afraid of what the future looked like…

* Unspoken laws still come into play in most stereotypical sectors, which limit the heights that women can attain in a male-dominated economy.

* and elsewhere, men and women feel unsafe; not because of anything they have or have never done.
But because they are black…

But these are just tiny portions of what this broad subject encapsulates.
As far back as the first civilizations of mankind, there have always been layers of stratification in Society segregating classes of people from each other in arrangements which clearly do not favour everyone

As far back as can be remembered, there has been Social inequality.

Social inequality is the existence of unequal opportunities and rewards for different social positions or statuses within a group or society. It has several important dimensions which include, but are not limited to, income, wealth, power, occupational prestige, schooling, ancestry, race and ethnicity.

The truth is that Inequality harms growth and poverty reduction. And income inequalities cannot be reduced unless the inequality of opportunities is addressed.

And that is why it has been paramount to include the Reduction of Inequality as a Sustainable Development Goal for 2030.

To reduce inequality in all spheres of our individual lives and society is most possible, when we all recognize that it is a joint effort that requires each and everyone of us!

We must all come to understand that our humanity is the single greatest factor that unites us, irrespective of our gender, religion, ethnicity, income, sexual orientation, race, education and all other differences.

Governments, Public and Private Corporations, and the various Social institutions of society have their major roles to play in achieving this objective by adequately representing all persons in their circle of influence and control – tolerating and making allowances for the physical, social, economic and religious differences which distinguish us.

Economics teaches that countries can trade commodities in which they have comparative advantage.
This makes up for the differences in geographical resource endowment and helps foster international equality – in cases where exploitation is not the goal, of course.

The action plan to Reducing Inequality is not exhausted in this partially-rushed article obviously. But when all is said and done,
It’s important to address the fact that though our differences define us all as humans, we all deserve (and should provide) equal opportunities leading to growth and development; for this ultimately creates the positive externalities that lead to sustainability and Security as a planet.

Thank you very much!

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