Like a hunter looking out for a game, we are expecting Festus arrival , hoping the worst will be minimal.

Anwuli’s father came, he was brief, he pointed out what most of us don’t seem to noticed, did she tie him down? If he should touch my daughter, he will see fire!

The house is on fire already. This is the part where every parent had locked their wards inside.

Festus came, and he was smiling, he asked where Anwuli was.

He apologized and told us that he met the chief on the road, his car broke down. While fixing the car they did the business and he returned home. Luck? Anwuli effect?

Nobody seemed to understand, maybe she is a witch after all..

It was the other kids that noticed that Tade is no more the sad emoji, she now smiles a lot.

more kids are making our house their playing point, Anwuli effect seems extending beyond our house.

Despite my futile search for job everyday, I seem happy anytime I get home.

Our daily morsels of issue had turned to Anwuli happiness and laughter, she has this effect on everyone. Mrs. Ngozi’s husband stopped beating her, or maybe we stop hearing their loud voices, but she appears happier.

Her parents were of two sides, her mother always lookout for her and cautioning her. But her father is the “I don’t care type, she is my daughter and I am happy with her “

She has become the light of the compound, her smile became the antidote to our problem, nobody seemed to care about the her age, her words are so comforting. If we are not meant to live long,…..

The deaf could hear her, the blind could see her, her birthday is coming soon, and that became our new anthem.

You can’t just see her and she will not remind you that you must buy her birthday gift.

Then, there was a strike, we all don’t expect.

We couldn’t rest, we are trooped in daily, night and day , to visit her at the hospital. She had been sick for days now. The hardest thing is seeing Anwuli crying in pains.

Mrs. Ngozi received a phone from her husband, on the fifth day of Anwuli sickness.she doesn’t need to say a word, her loud cry explain the phone call.

Anwuli is dead. There was a shout of cries for almost two hours and then a defeating silence in the whole house, even in some parts of the street.

No, she was not killed by witches or wizards, she was diagnosed with a terminal disease when she was 7.

All efforts were tried to save her, but to no avail. She was given six months to live with heavy medication. So before she comes out every morning and make people laugh she had taken very bitter drugs.

Her farther revealed that they are rich, he has a construction company and his wife a successful business woman in Anambra state.

It was Anwuli wish to spend her remaining days with the commoners in a far town and state.

It all make sense, they moved in five months ago, their difficulties settling down, the inability for her mother to interact well with other women in the compound and the weekend travelling were to see her siblings.

The clothes seems a bit expensive, she didn’t go to school. Even the hospital she was admitted to is a very big one.

So, this the reason for her favorite statement:
“If we are not meant to live long, we should live happily”
“If we are opportuned to live expensively, we are meant to live daily with a smile”
“Even if life had defeated us, we must always put a smile no our faces, to confuse life it has not won, then you try and strike back, you might win”

She was buried at her parents’ house, the sadness in our hearts wasn’t enough to hide the beautiful house from our eyes. She was the prettiest of her two others siblings.

Then why her, maybe she tried to strike back at the sickness and lose, but she definitely confused the sickness with her smiles. She has affected many lives with just her smile, she didn’t understand the situation so she chose to smile and live happily.

Her father gave me his card to call him when I am ready for job.

The house was bought by her parents, and everyone was living on free rent.

Tade was adopted by her parents, she gave birth two months after. The baby is a girl, the name should not be hard to guess right?

Jeremiah’s pen

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  1. Oga ooooooo….. Trying to bury one’s sadness within and ensuring everybody around dey have reasons to smile each day… It is well ooo

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