When angels visit human, there will always be a significant sign. The flashing lights, the brightness all over the place, as our dear Nollywood has shown us.

But when angels come in form of human, and without all those sign that Nollywood has introduce to us, or maybe it was not an angel.

The house has 16 rooms, with a large compound, fenced and it’s painted grey. There are 20 people living in the house. Everyone seems to mind his/her business. There are cordial relationship at it minimal.

Everyone goes about his/her way of live here, as we seem to have our daily ups and downs that we swallow like our daily morsels of food. Sometimes it gets better and sometimes the opposite.

We all keep on fighting and enduring, and it is shown on our faces that things are not really well. But we choose to be happy the little way we could, afterall, we can’t come and die.

And there she is. Anwuli has been the opposite of what everyone had been experiencing in the house and she is the synonym for happiness.

She is not to be blamed, what can she know ? She’s only have a decade of experience with life.

She seems as the only one without the daily morsels of life to swallow or maybe she chose to smile over hers. There has never been anyone with the level of her happiness.

She is everywhere parents caution their kids from going, She is inside the rain playing while other kids watched from their parents’ room. She is such a life!
I nearly got choked while eating the day she told Tade the pregnant girl
“you must have inspired the sad emoji, because you are always sad, of course you must be since your boyfriend ran away. But don’t you think he just miss the chance to witness the birth of the beautiful baby you gonna give birth to” . How did she know about that.

There are still other days to do somethings if they are affecting our happiness today, you can’t deny yourself the chance to be happy.

Chidi must have believe that sentence by Anwuli, so he refused to go to school because he doesn’t feel like. His mom came back and met him at home, the beating he received, he will definitely not be forgiving Anwuli for it.

Expecting a young girl of her age to understand the pain of being jobless must have been a foolish thought.

The pain of passing through the difficulties of school to ending up jobless, the feeling of being cool and useless to your siblings, but maybe I am foolish to be explaining to her why she can’t understand.

Then she said “you that understand what has your understanding done to help you, better laugh over issue that you don’t understand because frowning will not solve anything other than denying yourself happiness” I felt Wow.

Anwuli, she is a kid that takes the bull by the horn. The matter of doing what is right doesn’t sometimes require politeness or decency.

Mrs. Ngozi who is a regular victims of assault from her husband mysteriously finds comfort in Anwuli, like a stream in the desert. How she always have the right words to say might be counted a miracle.
So, she decided to hit the nail directly on the head. She confronted Mrs. Ngozi’s husband on a Sunday evening in the full fair of the compound

“why do you beat your wife? Or do you have an unfulfilled boxing career? Did you want your son to be a wife beater like you? Why do you make her cry everyday, you be onions?”
The “ah” exclamation shout could be heard miles away, embarrassment and anger I have seen for the first time together that day.

I started to take a closer look to her, she is something different.
“Anwuli don kill me! Na 10 I suppose meet the chief wey wan gimme money to enlarge my business, now she don use her witchcraft hold me down till 10:30” Festus rant in pigin English.
If I should loose this chance, trouble go burst oo, Festus was saying as he ran out of the house that Saturday morning.

Pa Chuku, the gateman at the bank down the street also said he had been watching her, she must be a demon.
We are all praying that Festus should not miss the chance, because we are know what he can do.
Mrs.Ngozi had locked Anwuli up in her room, as her parents were not around, she doesn’t seems to care though.

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  1. Someone sha has to be spicing up the day of the people in her environment and she so smart at doing that….

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