This life is beautiful. This life is Good. This feeling is ecstatic.

Right now, I have zero worry. No complains except Mama’s own about my wet short. She is going to wash it.

I am going to enjoy this moment, our erosion filled river might be better than your blue sea at the popular beach you knew.

This is a pure Bliss.

I have chose happiness and laughter before adulthood comes, before responsibility comes uncalled for. Before this becomes a child play.

This feeling drips happiness over me as the water drips over my young body.

You can’t see my friends in sight, I just beat them in our Olympics swimming competition style.

Nobody can ever beat me in swimming among all the kids in our town. I am a human fish!

I am going to enjoy this moment till mama comes with a long stick to drive us out.
“look the sun is setting and your papa will be home soon”

Don’t take me away from this pure heavenly bliss. I am in the best moments of my life.

Jeremiah’s pen

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  1. Keep enjoying the good period now o before the thought of having one or two needs to cater for comes o….

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