differences and similarities.

differences and similarities.

Differences & similarities.

Aunty wa, with the long skirt, should not be embarrassed or feel intimidated with the mockeries calling her anti-fashion or grandma: Her people also insult and condemn the girl with the very short skirt, they say she is an embarrassment to womanhood.
It is differences and similarities!

The guy with the dreadlocks and very crazy jeans trousers almost falling from his waist should not be seen getting angry at the insult or comment of people linking him to a mad man. : His goon is also calling the brother with long and big trousers, and a normal haircut and uncivilized and get inside boy.
It is differences and similarities!

The Brother that is not smoking, who is not in love with drugs or alcohol must not be found getting oppress by the yabbing of drunkards and addicts.: I hope he knows that his people are also condemning his oppressor to meet their Waterloo.
It is differences and similarities!

The school two(2) gang at the back of the class should man up to their decision, and must not get angry when the lecturer and their mate called them a waste of money.: Their gang members also mocked the bookworm and the serious one. They are so foolish to still believe in school.
It is differences and similarities.

Our people that are always in the presence of the Lord, shouldn’t be angry or ashamed at the mockery of the people when they are called ignorant people and pretending S.U. They know certainly that their people called those who didn’t like the presence of the Lord more bad words. They are called candidate of hell, or even devil personal assistant.
It is differences and similarities!

It might not make sense, but the truth it is.

Embrace your life choices without regrets.

Differences in life choices and lifestyle, but a similar response. Criticism!

Jeremiah’s pen

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  1. The greatest prophets, scholars and mentors criticize some behaviours because it always leads to a destruction. Its better to make people realize when going astray, its best thing we can do for ourselves.

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