Do you remember…

Do you remember the first time I noticed?

Do you remember how I jokingly asked you what was wrong?

Do you remember how over the time, I constantly asked you the same question?

Do you remember I told you, I’m all ears?

Do you remember your wont was “You are fine?

Do you remember you told me I was pestering you?

Do you remember I became obsessed with making you smile?

Do you remember I told you, you are drifting away?

Do you remember you cut me off suddenly?

Do you remember I still came back to beg?

Do you remember my tears the day I told you, you meant a lot to me, asking you to let me in any difficulty you had?

Do you remember your answer was the same as before?

But sometimes, what people will be will always be the end result of their actions, regardless of any external action.

Suicidal people will always find means to satisfy their lust.

Do you know we could have battled it out together?

If only you opened up, I wouldn’t have to be writing your tribute now.

Let it not be heard that you are lonely and isolated. You always had me and other people.

Do you know you just decided to plunge us into forever sorrows? How selfish you are.

I hope you find comfort in the world you chose untimely.
Nobody is alone. There is always somebody who will help.
Don’t do it! You are stronger than you think.

Jeremiah’s pen

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