Halima’s disaster

Halima's disaster

I watched from the window as he walk away

To the very despair of his sorrowful heart, he took his step very slowly.

The service of a seer is not needed to find out what his thoughts might be.

Pangs of sorrow like that of hunger.

The feeling of betrayal, the agony of lost love.

The helpless of not being able to fight for his love.

The sad imagination of another man with bed with your girl.

The people adorning my face noticed my sadness and wonder why?

How do you appear happy on your nikah, when your happiness lie with the man that just walk away.

I have not imagine, my happiness will be this lost on my nikah day.

Alone like a kidnapped bride on her wedding, but in my case only my heart was kidnapped, as  my husband walked into the bedroom, feeling so elated like he has won a trophy.

My unresponsive body meant nothing to him.

I had many wishes that night as my marriage to jubril is consummated.

Dapo will forever be man I nearly marry, the one I truly wish to spend my remaining moment with.

Hope I am not selfish for wishing he should respect me and not give his heart to another, I really wish he will remain single for me.

Two heart has been shattered, because of differences that could have been work out .

Do I have to pretend I love my husband?

Do I erase the memory of that man away from my life? Is it even possible?

Maybe one of prophet has to come again to preach about how love doesn’t care about our differences.

I woke up on first morning of my marriage.

Oh it was diaster, it is a diaster, it will definitely be a diaster forever.


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  1. Life has always gotten a “what if” in every situation, one of the reason I think destiny really exist. Somethings happen so other things could happen or prevent some from happening.

    Now, what if Halima and Dapo would have gotten the worst couple life had they gotten married?

  2. Hmmmmmmmmm

    That is definitely going to be an everlasting pain for d lady o…

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