They boarded a korope at Ola-iya junction, in Osogbo.

They were sitted at back seat, the guy spread out his hands so the lady could rest on his chest.

The content of their discussion or what they were saying depicts that they are old enough to understand the content of life.

“Mum is a fool and a love peddler” said the younger sister. I turned my head to express my shock, getting to see her brother was shocked too.

“You know you are not supposed to say that. O ti po ju !(it is too much)”. Exclaimed her brother.

She continued, “grandma said she warned her not to marry him, and refused leaving him. She kept on acting lovey dovely.

Anytime he beats her, and she cries to Grandma’s place, she’ll always tell her to leave him, but she refuses!”

“Maybe she never wanted us to be alone and have a separated family?”. Her brother defended.

“No! Who told her we can’t be alone? Who told her our upbringing will be better with Dad than without dad? I don’t blame dad for being such an animal who beats his wife over small issuse, but I blame mom for her goofiness”. Responded the sister.

I could tell where they were coming from, I could get their points but I was about asking myself a question when the brother talked.

“Dad is the most useless living thing I’ve seen. How can you be beating someone you claim you loved. The real men I know walked away when the argument is becoming too heated”. I asked myself isn’t he the one cautioning his sister some minutes ago?

“But he will stay to show his anger driven superiority with his fist. How cowardly?”. He added.
Mom might be thinking of us not to have separated parents. She replied abegii . “She is staying because she felt she could change Dad. She is concerned about what her friends would say, if she is a divorcee.

Ki se nitori wa kankan( it was not because of us…)

What if she didn’t recover from the coma she is, and die”. Her brother tried to caution her.

She responded , “I really want to have your kind Faith but right now I am scared. She might die, dad might also be charged with murder case. Then what do we have left?” She asked amidst soft sobbing.

“Then we will become orphans because of her foolishness and stupid infatuations, and because Dad too couldn’t be a real man. I hope he rots in jail”. Her brother added.

What even caused their fights? Dad says mum nags and complain a lot.

It’s disheartening to hear them try to defend and condemn their parents’ actions simultaneously.

Because of her mistakes, now we will have to be living with all those annoying family members. We might even be separated.

O ti da nibi o ( it’s alright here ). They alighted at Oja-oba.

As they were crossing the street, I watched and could see the agony in their movement.

They will have to bear the consequences of their parents’ acts, who both refused to do the needy and walk away from a toxic relationship.

I am going to call my boyfriend immediately I get home. We need to end this our dating or whatever it has become now.
God no fit send signal pass this one!

He had attempted slapping me thrice, raised his voice at me many times. It is not about only me and my love, but sometimes I have to consider the feeling of my love ones, family and friends too.

I pray their mother recovers oo.

Jeremiah’s pen

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