Oh how beautiful you are,

Like the beautiful sunrise, a perfect handiwork of the creator,

The calmness of your face has successfully made people to believe your pseudo decency.

Can I really be like you?

The path you are treading is not for me.

Omobola, why have you choosen this path?

Many kids are out there wishing to be like you.

Parents want their daughters to be like you, you are a well accepted standard for them.

The success you have acquired has served as the façade over your personality.

Or maybe nobody had the privilege to see you for who you are other than me.

You are a toxic with a beautiful appearance; believe me you are that mat that was used for the elephant in our folklore stories: Many had fallen and more will fall.

Your success story had erased all your hidden flaws, but I know you and your hypocrisy.

But what story do I have to say against you?

If only the heart can choose to be transparent not opaque, I wouldn’t have to worry.

Does the life you are living matter to the beautiful success you had to yourself?

The means don’t justify the end.

Omobola, they want me to be like you, please tell them I don’t want to.

I tried telling them, they only see a bitter and jealous lady.

I don’t want to exchange myself to having a life like yours.

please tell them to give me time. I’m also gonna be great.

Don’t see me as the jealous one, I am only pained as I was not seen for who I am.

You are the path they wanted me to tread.

Omobola, I also have a life for my own.

Jeremiah’s pen

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