The journey.

Oluwakayode, as I am called.

The color of my eyes, the white stick burning at one end between my fingers, and the mad man signature haircut on me would have tell you who I am.

But who was I ?

It must be so hard to believe I was once the pride of the family.

We are four kids, I happen to be the second and the first male child. That feeling of the being the arole (heir) was overwhelming during my early years.

I hail from Gbongan in Osun State, Nigeria, a very peaceful and cool town.

I was a very bright student. My intelligence quota is damn high, smashing every term with first position, no help from my father who was a principal in the government school, mum also was a civil servant. I was just a genius. My friends envy me, even my siblings were not left out. Do I care? Not at all.

I am a typical example for a “get inside boy”

The normal Christian family son, very gentle and calm. My friends are selective, evil communications corrupt good manners. I was almost the perfect son, you could wish for.

My parents are very strict, no nonsense is being condoled, but even the Bible taught us to obedient to our parents so that doesn’t seems like a qualms to me.

No passion I know was greater than my own to be an Electrical Engineer. Take everything I own and make me an Electrical Engineer, I am game.

I was completely yoked to my books, playing around was prohibited, girls were forbidden, unserious friends were a taboo too. I was a total introvert.

All seems good to me, they are my parents, they want the best for me.

You can’t find a perfect role model for your kids other than me, my ears are almost filled with praises from every angle.

Waec came, and it was a smash, the second best student in the whole State, mehn, I am on top of the world.

FUTA here I come!

We were scared, I will lose focus, so I only wrote my Waec. The following year I was embattled with jamb stuff.

During my jamb tutorials, I got some chances, though it was sneaky. I visited some of my friends’ houses.

I was baffled to see how their parents related with them. Is this real?. parents relate with their kids this way?

That was when It dawn on me that my parents were too strict.

We don’t have a say, it is their order or nothing. Dad was the extremist.

Any advice we had was like an advice to an angry deaf.

Why am I just noticing now? The praises haven’t made me realize what my siblings were passing through then.

I complained to mum. “Oh you think you are through with Secondary School now, you can now be running your mouth anyhow”

Couldn’t they be lenient?. we have always be obedient all this while, we should deserve a break!

I became rebellious, but It was to my detriment.

The Bible confirmed the possibility of having a devil inside the heart of your children, but the cane that was meant to silence it, became the liberation of my own devil.

The more the beating, the more rebellious I became.

Why can’t I have a bit of freedom, I deserve some! I am old enough!

My sister told me to be gentle, since my jamb examination was in few days, but she despite being in University is still not free from their grip.

They still had their total control over her.

I have had mine filled! After our now usual fight, my dad gave two options which I knew he would.

Electrical engineer or freedom?
Should I endure and get to school and be a boss of my own, I should get my freedom now, after all FUTA school fee isn’t much?

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  1. “A child that becomes shaky on the hold of a cutlass shouldn’t ask for the nature of death that killed his father”. Freedom is very vital but also requires wisdom.

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