The Pride of Africa

Oladimeji Odunsi-784ab223


The womb – man
The vessel of hope and dreams
The seed bearer…the creator
Her womb births life
Her womb births seeds that multiply and dominate
Her womb births nations
Out of her comes royalty and greatness
Out of her comes princes and kings

The beautiful African gold
Embellished in enormous strength and beauty
Eyes like the golden sun
Skin radiates like the morning glory
Tongue sharper than a double-edged sword
Her steps move in the rhythm of melodious tunes
Capturing the hearts of the noblemen
The power of life and death lies in her lips
Commanding her territory with her spoken words

She bears her pain with a smile
She chooses life over the pain of labor
She bounces back after a storm and radiates strength
With every smile, every tear, every pain, every scream
She exhales strength
My woman!
My pride!

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