Just wishes

Just wishes

We woke by 8am, still inconclusive on our decision to leave school and go somewhere else for fun. Our parents , for one,were not aware. The thought of something unpleasant happening on the way was a strong enough reason behind our indecisions . However, thirty minutes after rising, we agreed that no one cared and it was worth taking the risk.
 There were six of us; Austin was the tallest , Daniel and John claimed to be cousins but I didn’t see how that was possible, and my girls Ella and Laura. I admired Austin, in fact I liked him. Sadly he hadn’t noticed, but soon I was going to tell him, not just yet.

Packing up our bags and leaving behind our fears, we set out on our journey to have fun. Few minutes into the journey Laura was sleeping again, she slept a lot. Ella was singing to herself, John was listening to some music while Austin and Daniel were playing a game. I, on the other hand, sat watching them and praying earnestly for Austin to  drop his phone so I could hold his hands. Sounds funny right? I was happy when he finally stopped playing games but soon turned bitter when he started dozing off. Deciding to turn the feeling into a sweet one, I rested his falling head on my shoulders. Now I could sleep too.

What seemed like seconds later, we arrived our destination.Daniel led the way as we disembarked. The plan was to settle down in a hotel, cool off and then set out to eat and see a movie. And so it was that we had an amazing meal, mine being the best. I think I only knew why. 
Soon after the movie was starting so our popcorns were ready and minutes later we were munching and laughing. The movie was one with so many hilarious scenes. I couldn’t stop laughing until the end, and even on our way back to the hotel.

We freshened up on reaching the hotel and sat down to have an intriguing discussion about the movie. But the fun didn’t end there, we played well into the night. It was a memorable one spent with my dear friends. There I decided to tell Austin how I felt about him when we got back to school. I was so happy, I caught myself smiling as I drifted off to sleep. I couldn’t wait to hear what he had to say, I could only hope that it would be positive.

The sun had begun to rise the next day when we set off for school. We had agreed to do it more often, maybe after our examinations. Recalling the previous day’s experiences gave me joy and just then I thought Nothing happened after all, we made it and now we are returning!
Before I could mull over that thought, I was plunged back to reality as the driver let out a loud cry. Before I knew what was happening our car had swerved into the bush!

Till this day I cannot say how it happened. Of my friends, only I survived. I wondered what I was still doing alive, i was supposed to be gone too. But that was something I couldn’t fathom. I had lost them. I didn’t care about the rest of the passengers. It was my friends and they were gone… Austin was gone.

was the worst day of my life, how I wished we had stayed back in school, I wished that day never came. I wished I could turn back the hands of the clock. I wished for so many things but that was just what they were-“wishes “.

I never even got to tell Austin my feelings, he died without knowing what I felt for him. I know it doesn’t matter to anyone else, but it matters so much to me.

Their parents? No! I can’t tell their story, but you can imagine what became of them.

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