Hands in the air..


*Hands in air*

We all have a list of things we would do and wouldn’t do of we could tune the hands of time
cause who never fuck up?
some of us were young
maybe some weren’t

will I hug the mystery of my loneliness rather that be with you?
will I have your absence rather than all the time I spent with you?
will I hurriedly walk past you rather than exchange contact?

will I remain in oblivion rather that get to know you,Jo?
will I rather do as I like or make peace with you?
will I love you and all your flaws and all your mistakes and all you processes and all your learning?

will I flirt with the world continually cause the things of the spirit scare the human mind?
will I keep to myself rather than find myself in you?

Nevertheless, there will always be things I would want to change but have no control and power over.


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