Her bourgeois opinion didn’t interest me. I hadn’t asked for it and had stopped listening to her a while ago as I had already buried my head in the book I was reading. Her voice had started to overshadow my thoughts. She needed attention. I dog-eared my book, closed it and listened to her. She began waving and pointing her finger as she narrated how her day went – boy troubles again. Jennifer was my roommate and she never let me forget it. I may have to start going to the library to read if she continues to disturb my me time. I love her though.  

Her god-awful narrations always made me inquire further to comprehend well what she was saying else I’d be uninterested in what she had to say. She probably does it intentionally. She was an unexpected friend. I wasn’t looking for a friend when she was allocated to my room. She came from a middle class family while I came from an upper class family and from experience, some of such people tend to try to feed off of us assuming we have everything and must therefore be responsible for their livelihood but she never exhibited such behaviour and this made me respect her. She became my best friend. 

Her day started with a lecture which ended by 10am after which Richard who had persistently been professing his love approached her again. Jennifer was comely, indubitably but the number of guys interested in her surprised even me and I am no stranger to such male attention. As she and Richard conversed, laughing and holding hands, Jerry interrupted and caused a scene. He had seen Jennifer and Richard together and asked her why she was trying to break up with him, only that she never knew that they were even in a relationship. The crowd that had gathered was quite large and they had started recording it all. Some of her class mates had to smuggle her away into the hostel. She received a call as she was narrating. Thank God. I could now get back to my book. Turns out Jaime didn’t sheath his sword. He had plunged it into the back of his king as he screamed, ‘burn them all!’

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