The extent of love

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“This is it. I can finally let you go now” I say to myself silently as I watch you slide the ring on her finger. It’s been years of me holding out hope that you’d eventually come to love me as I loved you. You have always said you did not want to get married nor have that special person in your life. I had always prayed that you find someone even if it wasn’t me. I was shocked when you called me and told me you wanted to have dinner with me and it ended up with you wanting my help with planning a proposal to a girl you have been secretly dating. You kept on apologizing and saying you didn’t mean to break my heart when you noticed the tears pooling in my eyes. I had told you then that it wasn’t because there was someone else but it was rather because you have finally found the special one.

I took it upon myself to make sure the proposal went well and also became your wedding planner by force. You once asked me how I could stand seeing you with another woman and I replied “love isn’t selfish. Yes I love you and I don’t think I will ever stop but it doesn’t just end with you being mine. It ends seeing the smile in your eyes and the happiness in your stride. I wasn’t able to do that for you but she was so for that I’m happy”

Now that your wedding vows are done and my part in the wedding is done, it’s time for me to leave. I need a break to be able to nurse my heart and remind it that it’s fine. I need to also learn to stop comparing every guy I meet to you after all there can only be one you and they would never meet your standard (it’s not like you were perfect sha). I had stayed being best of friends with you cos walking away totally from you would have killed me and I hope your wife wouldn’t mind my continuous presence in your life.

I hope to one day introduce you to my special someone too so we can have double dates like you always wanted and pull mean tricks on our partners but until then I wish you a happy married life and I hope you enjoy my wedding gift to you.

Bear in mind that with your wife’s permission, I will still continue pulling pranks on you and being a general pain in the butt while pampering you silly. I will forever be your best friend.


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