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Kemi and Sarah’s bond in the recently released Netflix limited series, “Blood Sisters” is enviable. They were each other’s support system, as evidenced by how they built each other up, kept each other strong, and pushed each other to keep going. Like Siamese twins, they were both dependent on one another to survive and thrive.
Likewise, music and fashion cannot exist independent of the other. There is a quiet dependence one has on the other and vice versa. The point is, that music plays more than the role of keeping us entertained. It extends beyond the sweet melodies that fill the room, accentuating the models’ graces as they walk down the runway and includes the economic value of mentioning fashion labels and brands in songs, as well as wearing brand outfits.
Originally, when artists used these brands’ names in their songs, it was to appear cool, to brag about what they owned or could easily afford. It had nothing to do with increasing sales or raising global awareness. However, it was discovered over time that brands experienced an increase in sales after their brands were mentioned in songs.
Cardi B released her hit song “Bodak Yellow” in 2017, and she mentions the luxury footwear brand Christian Louboutin in the song.
‘…these is red bottoms, these is bloody shoes…’
The mention of the fashion brand generated approximately $4.5 million in media value for the brand, and there was a doubling of its usual search appearances during that period. She also mentioned Balenciaga in her 2018 single “I like it”. Balenciaga’s sales increased by 37%, and Cardi B was named their brand ambassador in 2020.
It is now the norm for artists to mention brands in their songs, but whether they are aware of its effect on the fashion industry is not certain. It is a brilliant one nonetheless.
Then there is, the wearing of these brands while performing or filming music videos. When Beyoncé was in South Africa for her music video, she wore dresses from Tongoro studio, an African owned clothing company, this changed the game for Tongoro studios. Since it’s Launch with the likes of Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Burna Boy etc. It has gained international recognition and was listed amongst Company’s 50 most innovative companies, 2020.
If our biggest African artists mentioned and referenced African brands as the new flex, they would not only increase their mass appeal but also introduce them to new markets. African fashion brands like Bridget Awosika, Emmy Kasbit, Eliels, House of Kaya, and other brands should be made the new cool and the world’s attention should be turned to them.
The striking point is that artists should be more inclined to mention brand names in their songs. This is the quickest way to break into the African fashion scene.




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