Fight for freedom


A city of exploit, want, power drunkiness and dysfunctionalism.
Built on the foundation of inequality and uncertainties in all areas.
Commissioned by privileged self centered individuals.
Drunk and intoxicated with immense power.
Everything going contrary to the true course of action.
Foes are being seen in a friendly personality.
Goods and services are in the disposal of elites.
Hustling and struggle is the act of the masses.
Imbibing the right mindset is the way to go.
Join hands in rebuilding the foundation not complaining.
Kindle the snatched hope from the exploiters.
Leaders in the fore font yet are working backwards.
Mayhem is never the right emotion to feel.
Nice and well presentable appearance doesn’t define personality.
Odds and ends won’t lead us to the promised land.
Potentials lies within us waiting to scream aloud.
Queens and kings yet treated like peasants in their land.
Revolution is required to gain purpose.
Stand firm in the midst of trials
Take action firmly and intentionally.
Use the inner power of knowledge.
Villains and persimissits are not needed in this sojourn.
Working in faith brings the desired outcome.
Xmas’ atmosphere no longer have a feeling of excitement.
Yet we keep waiting for change which lies within our hearts.
Zest for positivity and bloom in this land of complaints.


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