This is about a girl,
A young girl,
Who felt life had nothing to offer.
A girl, who felt life
Wasn’t worth living.
She did try, she tried
But fell every single time.

Life had betrayed her,
Made her an illusion
In the eyes of many.
She existed
Yet she never did exist
She got hurt many times
Each time she did,
A part of her disappeared
Until she had nothing left of her,
She was gone.

This was a girl
Who once believed in love
Who believed she had
A lot to give,
A girl who believed in herself
And in the beauty of life.
She was once happy
And full of life
Ready to bring out her best.

What happened? You’ll ask.
Well, life happened
And she couldn’t handle it.
She became a victim of pain
And betrayal
She lost the taste of love,
The feel of happiness.
And in her solitude,
She gave in to sadness

No one cared,
No one loved her
She believed
And she watched, helplessly,
As her world crumbled
At her feet.
She gave up all hope.

She wanted to end it all.
To take away the pain,
She wanted to take away
Everything she felt.
She was tired of the endless tears
The fake laughs,
The pretense,
All of it.
She believed she wouldn’t be missed
No one would notice.
She wanted so badly
To end it all,
And she did.

Who is she?
Or better still,
Who was she?
Well, she was the girl,
Lost in the wilderness,
Who never called out for help.

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