The Earth is a dynamically and drastically changing planet adorned by socio-ecological interactions and kisses from these interactions and anthropogenic activities.
The impact of COVID-19 pandemic raised attention and questions from the beginning of the crisis, in the same way questions are raised when a romantic relationship is about to evolve which may or maybe be sore as it goes on but in this case, the kisses which arose from the relationship between the environment and COVID-19 became sore as some countries would opt for less sustainability of the environment to pursue rapid economic growth as they believe the environment went on a vacation due to the imposed lockdown and reduction of anthropogenic activities which once resulted different types of pollution and climate change, this decision for less sustainability made the environment shed some tears, how pathetic!!! and for other nations, the birth of the pandemic gave the environment an opportunity to be cleansed and purged out of all the impurities that defaced nature’s gift to mankind.
While the first impacts are divided between rapid environmental improvements, such as urban air and water quality, and pollution episodes, such as the ones caused by the sanitary disposals, the estimated short and long-term impacts on the environment are mainly positive but also negative as seen in the air pollution caused by fumigants used in various organizations all over the world before the full-time resumption of economic activities.
The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a substantial reduction in motor vehicle traffic not only a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and particulate pollution but also a major reduction in traffic noise, tyre wear on road surfaces and less consumption of liquefied petroleum gas but high cost of food materials to feed on while the pandemic lasted.
Kisses from COVID-19 pandemic on aquatic systems and water resources is very limited, but water quality and resources may be affected on monthly and annual perspectives due to the significant harm on the aquatic environment especially on the water bodies from sanitary disposal resulting from medical activities or personal protection. The COVID-19 pandemic has and probably will exhibit longer-term impacts on water resources, water usage and its management.
Let’s not forget the consequences of the pandemic on the touristic activity, the beauty we had to behold and the environments where we found solace where avoided due to the sore romantic relationship between the environment and the pandemic which was a leading cause of water demand for preventive purposes, will exhibit important reduction in water consumption.
The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered unprecedented impacts in terms of spatial complexity and even uniqueness. The societal and economic measures adopted to contain led to local, regional and global impacts which are both positive and negative spanning from immediate and long-term consequences on the environment since the pandemic is still ongoing, the end still difficult to predict therefore we can only refer to the lessons learnt and adhere to the laid down precautionary measures….INDEED!!! COVID-19 kissed the environment, the kiss of betrayal.

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