Yes!!!…..I got shortlisted, was the excitement that filled my heart, mouth and could be read through my eyes, this has been something I prayed and hoped for. All my peers had gone to school and it felt I was a total failure when I didn’t and the first, second, third fourth years passed although I was doing so well in my chosen line of entrepreneurship but I wanted to be out of that community as soon as possible. 

Finally, it was time to resume school, I bade all my loved ones farewell as I made my way to my new environment…the school environment…feeling ontop of the world at this point was an understatement cos I felt like I had achieved my greatest dream.

Days passed, months passed and life in the university was everything I anticipated and I enjoyed all my lectures too but was lacking something vital…THE FUN!!! I had thought to myself this wasn’t the fantasies I envisaged but I had to deal with it.

Lost in those thoughts, felt a tap on my back, turned out it was an Angel and I was short of words..she introduced herself as Jane and we became very cool..

We got talking and got closer as the days passed..Jane told me about a freshman party and asked if I would go; my innerman said a peaceful no, but the fun-side of me, wanted to go as soon as possible…so I answered her with a thunderous yes…..cos I wanted all the fun therein.

And the day came, got dressed but it seemed I looked weird so Jane, had to get me new pairs on clothes to fit in the crowd.

Everything was all cool, took some drinks, danced until I found myself naked in the arms of a stranger few hours later😢😢

I was speechless!!! Got dressed quickly, then took off as fast as my legs could take me…..

Got to my hostel, feeling all tired from the party, rested and freshened up for my next lectures cos I knew I had missed the first one.. several thoughts on my mind but I knew I loved the experience and would give it another shot😉😉

Days passed with everything fine, Jane invited me for another party and I said “yes””🍾🍾, had so much fun as usual but this time things turned sour as some culprits were also at the party unknown to us which invited the security agents to the venue and everyone present there were arrested!!! 😭😭😭😭😭, we were all labelled accomplice and we would be held hostage for 6months at that point, I knew I have wasted yet another year, and I said to myself…If I had known, I would have remained in my community, If I had known, I wouldn’t have followed Jane, if I had known, I would have been contented with the lectures till I understood the whole school environment better..


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